Good luck crystal

Everyone buy crystal for quality, appearance level or meaning, in all kinds of jewelry and jade, affected by their own natural ingredients, minerals and other factors, will also produce different magnetic fields and energy. If you need some luck, then the crystals I'm about to introduce are the ideal choice, whether it's good luck at a new job or good luck in a competition or event, these crystals will definitely help



Moonstone quality is translucent, like waves of blue light, poor semi-turbid. Moonstone has a strong emotional stability, it can smooth the wearer's impulsive and intense side, so as to stabilize the wearer's excited emotions. Let the wearer feel calm and restore a rational attitude, so impulsive or feel irritable, may wish to wear moonlight to reduce their emotions, and maintain health, stable love effect.

Golden Sun stone

Sunstone crystals contain hematite, goethite and other red-brown flake mineral inclusions, which reflect light and appear golden yellow dazzling flash. Sun stone can become the focus of attention, strengthen cohesion, help interpersonal relationships and work career. Exude powerful life energy, improve health and enhance vitality. It can drive away dark thoughts and pessimism, bring a positive outlook and bright prospects, and have the effect of transferring, attracting more money and maintaining health.


Its color is mainly due to the trace amount of bivalent iron ion (Fe2+), with bright and flawless, rich brilliant blue to light blue is the best, aqua treasure can improve respiratory problems, strengthen the expression ability, persuasive planning ability, but also to protect the safety of travelers. With a powerful treatment, purification of the power of small red stone the most curative crystal, and Wang love, Wang career.


Depending on the type of iron ore the rock contains, obsidian can appear black dark gray, red or brown in color. It can enhance vitality, restore people's mental and physical strength, and has a good balance effect on office workers and creative workers who use their brains excessively. It can make people stable, relieve pressure, calm down, eliminate emotional distress can strengthen action, enhance leadership charm, centripetal force, and the effect of fortune, evil spirits, and resolve negative energy.

clear quartz

clear quartz is colorless, transparent crystal like water, clear quartz has the function of focusing, concentrating and expanding memory, is the synthesis of all energy, called crystal king. Can calm the mood, make the mind clear, can purify the negative energy of the environment, bring good luck.

Rose quartz

Powder crystal texture is easy to brittle, because it contains trace titanium elements and form pink, can develop heart wheel to promote emotional development of gems, powder crystal can help the pursuit of love, grasp love, enjoy love gems. To help improve interpersonal relations, enhance popularity, and recruit students, open the door to do business in the service industry the best weapon. It can help to go deep into the heart and find that I improve my understanding and have the effect of flourishing peach blossoms.

green aventurine

Hailed as a stone of opportunity, attracting good fortune and prosperity, embracing positive change, the vibrant green aventurine is often sought after to promote luck and bring wealth to life situations and financial areas, and its sun-bathed creativity can boost self-confidence and help make lucky decisions.