Green moonstone meaning, treatment, efficacy

What is a green moonstone

Moonstone has many different body colors and halo classification, from colorless, white, reddish-brown to green, dark brown, each has its own unique charm. According to the different color, the moonstone can be divided into white, yellow and blue. Among them, reddish-brown moonstones are relatively rare, while green and dark brown ones are even rarer. Green moonstone is a feldspar mineral known as the "Goddess stone" is a greenish colored moonstone with a soft, flowing blue-green hue. Green moonstones appear in varying degrees of green, from light pink to deep forest green. This color is attributed to trace amounts of chromium or other minerals present during its formation. It is also known as green feldspar or green feldspar, rather than orthoclase.

Other minerals, such as chlorite and serpentine, produce a soft yellow-green color. In addition, the green moonstone, also known as Garni feldspar, is a rare and beautiful gemstone found in Sri Lanka, India and Australia.

Therapeutic properties of green moonstone


The green moonstone is considered a very spiritual stone that can help you achieve a spiritual transformation and completely change your life.

This is why it is very common to use this beautiful gem to nourish the spirit.

The strong vibrations of the green Moonstone can help you develop your psychic gifts, and not only that, the Green Moonstone will help you get rid of all your fears and truly embrace your new-found psychic abilities and other related talents.


Quality green moonstones actually have very mysterious and powerful properties, which can have some profound effects on personality and life. If you have suffered a severe emotional shock and trauma in your life, you can use the healing powers of the Green Moonstone to help ease your inner sadness or pain.


The energy of this stone may help make the brain more coordinated and strong, especially for men. Not only that, the green moonstone is also believed to help solve problems such as infertility and impotence. This is conceivable because stones can solve problems related to the female reproductive system and make pregnancy easy.

Also, if you have a puffy state, you can use a rock to solve the problem. The stone can help you get a good sleep and peaceful dreams for a long time.

How does this magical "moonlight effect" come about?

In fact, moonstone is composed of two minerals that interact in layers. When light hits the gemstone, these two components act on the scattering, interference, or diffraction of light, resulting in this dreamy moonlight effect.

How to use green moonstone

Carry with you

Can be carried around in your pocket, this rock is also an excellent solution for dealing with anxiety and is very important when you are feeling troubled or depressed. This is also important for carrying gems with you if anything painful or unpleasant happens. You can use the calming power of this stone to stay calm and in control.

Wear jewelry

As jewelry accessories such as necklaces, rings, etc., green moonstones help purify the body of harmful chemicals. The crystals help remove unwanted substances.


The green moonstone has a shocking vibration that can purify the mind. This crystal helps to solve the problem at hand very well and is ideal for use while meditating, holding it in your hand.

Put in the home

The green moonstone has calming energy that leads to deep relaxation and uninterrupted sleep. This crystal helps relieve insomnia and sleep difficulties. It ensures a good quality of rest. Green moonstones can bring vivid dreams.