Hemimorphite:meaning&Therapeutic properties

What is Hemimorphite?

hemimorphite,hemi and morphie meaning "half" and "shape" respectively refer to its crystal shape. When it is heated or subjected to pressure, it can generate charges at both ends of the crystal, and one end has a positive charge and the other end has a negative charge, and the charges are different, so it is called "heteropolar".

Hemimorphite is a common mineral, but it is rare to find Hemimorphite that can reach gemstone grade. Hemimorphite has a fresh and beautiful blue color, similar in appearance to natural turquoise. Hemimorphite can be processed into rings to make jewelry, if the shape of strange, ornamental value can be used as ornamental stone, poor quality is used as a specimen for research or industrial extraction of Zn.



place of origin.

The Aachen mines in Germany, VieilleMontagne mines in Belgium, Chihuahua and Durango states in northern Mexico, and PaDaeng mines in northwestern Tak Province in Thailand are the major producers of Hemimorphite.

Hemimorphite is mainly produced in the oxidation zone of lead-zinc deposits, and symbiosis with sphalerite, zinc white lead, limonite, etc. High-quality Hemimorphite is mainly produced in Yunnan, China and Myanmar.

Therapeutic properties of Hemimorphite

Psychotherapeutic properties

The healing properties of Hemimorphite can help restore mental balance and calm pain, allowing the body to recover from trauma, and its gentle energy can help people eliminate mental disorders and heal from the inside out.

It helps people improve their attention and decision-making skills, helps organize thoughts and gain perspectives, and increases intelligence.

Affective therapeutic properties

Hemimorphite has gentle energy that helps calm the mind, body and spirit, can enhance self-forgiveness and compassion, promote self-love, emotional release and positivity, and contribute to emotional healing and relaxation.

Hemimorphite brings self-confidence, it helps to eliminate anger, ego, and selfishness, creating an environment that can promote spiritual healing and inner peace.

Physiotherapy properties

Hemimorphite helps relieve pain, poisoning, vomiting, and STDS. It helps maintain balance, blood, and helps with dieting and weight loss because it gives you a lot of energy. The energy properties of this crystal can relieve hormonal headaches as well as the pain associated with ulcers.


How to clean Hemimorphite?

After each use, Hemimorphite must be recharged and its energy field cleaned to ensure and maintain its power. To charge Hemimorphite you can use a number of methods:

1. Place the crystal in the moonlight during the full moon and leave it overnight to absorb lunar energy.

2. Bury the stone in the earth for a few days to connect it with the nature of the earth.

3. Apply, burn palusanto or white sage, then apply it over and around the crystal.

4. Recharge Hemimorphite by placing it on a larger crystal cluster, such as selenite or clear quartz.


More crystal information

1. Is Hemimorphite safe in the sun?

Yes, but it is recommended to limit prolonged exposure to strong sunlight to help preserve the natural color of the gemstone

2. Is Hemimorphite expensive?

No. Hemimorphite is cheaper than other gems. Size, quality, and rarity affect the price of Hemimorphite. Hemimorphite costs $5 to $30 per carat, depending on the properties.

3. Is Hemimorphite calcite?

Not really. The two minerals have different chemical compositions and crystal forms.

4. Is Hemimorphite rare?

Yes, Hemimorphite is rare. Even in the United States, Mexico and China, large, high-quality specimens are rarer.

5. Is Hemimorphite a birthstone?

No, Hemimorphite is not considered a traditional birthstone. However, for those born between January 20 and February 18, it can be used as an alternative gemstone. Hemimorphite's calming energy and ability to promote self-expression fits well with the sign of Aquarius.