How do we store the crystal

As a crystal lover, you must have collected a lot of crystals, crystals in addition to beautiful appearance, will also emit positive healing energy, each crystal has its own characteristics and charm, as we go deeper into this crystal world, you will develop your own collection of crystals more and more, need more space and better storage plan, but we keep the best condition for them, And to preserve their energy properties, they must be stored correctly, taking care of the way crystals are stored ensures that we protect precious jewels from property-altering processes that can alter their efficacy and healing power. When we store crystals, we don't necessarily have to hide them, but we should remember that stones and crystals are sensitive to different environmental conditions, such as sunlight or humidity.


Let's explore how to store crystals~

Store crystals that are not used much

Organize your crystal collection:

1. Classify crystals according to type, color, chakra, and size

2. Find the right container for your collection - a box, shelf, or display case.

3. Place the crystals in their respective containers and arrange them. If desired, a label can be added to each crystal containing a name and other relevant information, such as origin or therapeutic properties.

4. For softer crystals, you can wrap them separately, and wrapping them separately can prevent them from being scratched and damaged. Wrap it in tissue paper, silk scarf, or bubble wrap before placing it in a bag or storage box. You can also use regular crystals to keep them in good shape.

It is important to note that if exposed to excessive humidity or extreme temperatures, the air can cause the crystals to become brittle or discolored over time. It is also important to keep the crystals away from strong odors, as this can affect their energy and properties. Calcite, fluorite, gypsum, and selenite are all crystals that can be damaged by air due to their low Mohs hardness.


Storage Healing crystal

Display them on the altar

For those crystals that grow in the sun, an altar display can be created so that the stones can rest when not being used for healing purposes. Crystal altars should be kept simple and neat, as they can absorb the energy of other objects around them.

Put them in a cloth bag

When looking for how to store particularly fragile crystals and gems, use cloth bags. Allowing the fabric to wrap around the edges of natural and ground stones provides a soft shelter for them to rejuvenate and rest.

Organize them with drawer dividers

Place a drawer on the altar table or dressing table and keep the healing crystals in an easily accessible place. Dividing the drawer into multiple compartments allows for better organization of the crystals, so that when we seek balance or activate a particular energy, we can quickly find the right stone.

Drawer dividers are easy to find at office supply stores, or you can make your own with handmade materials.

Store on the nightstand

For crystal healers, placing crystals on the bedside table can facilitate the healing process during sleep. Put some of your favorite things on the coffee table while you sleep to connect and adjust their energy.

Final thoughts

Taking care of your crystals takes time, research and gentle care, each crystal has its own unique needs, and proper crystal storage is an important step in maintaining the energy and longevity of your crystals. Whether you have a small or large crystal collection, keeping them safe can give you the maximum energy benefit.