How to balance the jacking wheel

The apical wheel is located above the top of our heads, and the corresponding gland is the pineal gland. In charge of reality, wisdom, subconscious, spirituality, faith and self. When the chakras are balanced, there is a tendency to be less biased and to be very aware of the world and your sense of being. When this chakra is out of balance, you may not be aware of the spiritual world and your thinking may be limited.


When blocked:


Unable to focus on the task at hand

Unable to accept the point of view of others

Inability to show empathy

Limited thinking

Attract dramatic things and people into your life

A constant fear of being approached

Healing the crystal of the top wheel:

Amethyst: Balance consciousness and thought, help meditation and intuition.

kunzite: to relieve depressed mood and mood.

charoite: Corresponding to the spiritual level, dissolve fears, help to perceive and summarize feelings.

clear quartz: Applies to all chakras, clearing negative energy and strengthening aura.

phantom quartz: For events that have been nagging or the same problem that has been difficult to solve, it can be improved under its energy.

Essential oil for Healing top wheel:


Strengthen the mental strength, calm the restless mind, make people peaceful, and help to meditate and relax.


When people are upset and anxious, it brings a sense of stability and care. Adjust the balance of physical and mental strength, calm emotions and relieve stress.


The sense of thick beauty can find the meaning of survival in any adversity. Note: Prohibited for pregnant women


The smell of large flower jasmine is easy to make people feel confident, can awaken enthusiasm, and let love and passion combine.

Wheel balancing:

All things are one: Connect with the unconditional love and vitality of the universe anytime and anywhere, resonate with it, transcend duality, and merge with the energy of the universe.

Silent Awareness: Silence is the key sound at the top of the chakra, which can first be raised through the chanting of oM to connect with the wisdom of the universe before entering silent awareness. Aromatherapy: Plants possess pure, high-frequency healing energy.

Crystal Healing: By connecting with crystals, resonant with frequency modulation.

Yoga practice: Handstand can be a good connection to the earth energy, sit in meditation to relax the body, balance the top wheel.