How to care for and manage your crystals

Do crystals really need cleaning

There are many people who will use crystals to help them solve problems, relieve their body, mind, spirit, when you use crystals, whether it is you or others, the crystal will absorb energy from you, others or the environment, from the appearance, it may be dusty and dull, you will obviously see when the crystal needs to be cleaned. In addition, if you want it to function normally in energy and maintain the natural vibration of the crystal, then you also need to clean the crystal regularly.

Before the purchase, the crystal usually has to go through a relatively long distance, from the seller to the buyer, each change may expose the crystal to energy that may not be consistent with their own energy, so when we get the crystal, the first time also need to do a clean crystal. Crystals are spiritual, they release high-frequency magnetic fields, bring high-frequency energy, bring good luck to the wearer, crystal maintenance, its color is more and more transparent and clean, more and more shiny, the color is more and more beautiful, these are the results of you and the crystal mutual nourishment, the crystal Yang, it can bring better energy back to you.

How to maintain the crystal

1. Do a good job of degaussing and purifying

Regularly purify with degaussing stone, moonlight purification, sage, sea salt, etc., to release the bad things in its crystal, and good energy can go in.

2. Rinse with water

Take your crystal regularly to places close to nature, rivers, springs, streams, etc. Put the crystal in these flowing underwater rinse, flushing for half an hour to two hours or so, let the crystal return to nature, and use the power of nature to "recharge" the crystal.

3. Listen to high-frequency music

You can find some high-frequency music on the Internet, find a separate space and listen to the crystal together. If you can't find high-frequency music, listen to the sound of some water, as long as it is about nature, these are also high-frequency music, long-term listening to whether it is good for crystals or people.

4. Get some sun

I'm not talking about the sun!! It refers to the relatively soft sunlight, and the crystal can be exposed to the sun for a period of time, to purify and recharge the crystal. An hour and a half is enough. Not too long. (Fade strong crystal must not shine)

5. Moonlight recharge

During the full moon, put the crystal on the balcony windowsill, which can shine the moonlight on the line, and put it quietly for a night. Conditionally, you can put the crystal and degaussing stone together, so that you can both purify and supplement energy.

6. Wear crystals regularly

Often wear the same crystal, so that the crystal and the oil secreted by our body work, the process of friction with each other also melts the oil into the crystal.

7. Apply oil regularly

It can be essential oil, essential oil as long as it is produced by natural plants, the less additives, the better, the more pure the herbal content of the crystal is the better.

8. Stay in a good mood

Maintain your own health and mood when wearing crystals, crystals are memorized and will remember the emotions you generate. So it is very important to maintain your emotional and inner health. Sometimes a glance at the state of your crystal can tell you about your own energy state and physical condition. Crystals can reflect a lot of information)


If it is not used for the time being, please try to make an exclusive storage space for the crystals, a box or a layer of drawers, and store the crystals together, each crystal is wrapped separately with a soft cotton cloth, and finally put white sage in this closed space to keep the crystal in good condition.

Taking care of your crystal, like taking care of any other precious thing in your life, takes time, research, and gentle care. Each crystal has its own unique needs and ways of caring for them. Clean them regularly, just as we treat our own bodies. Let us respect these wonders of nature and preserve their beauty and power with love and care