How to choose a crystal

 Before you start working with crystals, you must choose the right crystal for you. Learn to harmonize their different energies, develop your intuition, develop your confidence through pendulum probes, learn how to purify your crystals here, and prepare a space where you can begin the healing process.

Select crystal

You can choose a crystal for a specific problem or illness, or you can directly choose the crystal that appeals to you.


The crystal that attracts you

When you look at a whole row of crystals, there are bound to be some that catch your attention in particular. They may look pretty, shiny or interesting, or they may make you not want to look away. These signs can all help you pick, sometimes in a strange but beautiful way. When you choose the crystal that appeals to you, you will find that it is the crystal best suited to help you or someone close to you.

Sometimes crystals may have prophetic effects, ready to assist you in facing problems or events that have not yet occurred. I first discovered this when I was looking for crystals for a customer. A topaz had chosen this customer, and my intuition told me that it must have something to do with his digestive system, but he vehemently denied it, saying that he was and is fine. I insisted on my choice, he insisted on his idea, but he still took the crystal. A few days later he called me to tell me that he had accidentally eaten out to dinner the day before, and that all the diners except him had food poisoning.He was carrying his topaz! Whatever your purpose when you choose crystal, it will reveal what you really need I once became attracted to a particular quartz for unknown reasons. I had a lot of quartz crystals, and sometimes I would leave them for days or weeks, sometimes for two years, but their purpose always became clearer with time. It is often after the incident that each crystal is found to have a very specific event or person. Therefore, when you are attracted to a crystal, don't ask too much, just trust yourself.

Choose crystals for others

If you're choosing a crystal for someone else. Choose with the person or purpose in mind. At the same time, you can look at the person's photo, hold the person's personal belongings, repeat the person's name like a mantra, or write the person's name on a piece of paper. Open your heart and the crystal will choose you. They call, sing, dance, jump out of the closet. Get your attention.

Crystals that don't appeal to you

You may notice that you particularly dislike certain crystals, but this is also very helpful. You don't like them because they touch on things you don't feel comfortable with or want to bury deep inside. I've seen people burst into tears or get sick of crystals.  You may find that there are certain situations in your life that you don't consciously want to avoid, but you don't know why. When you work with crystals you don't like, they help you bring buried problems to the table. As a result, you may cry, get angry, or release trapped emotions. It's going to be hard, but hang in there. It won't last long. After this, you will feel much better, and even have the awareness of being transformed, and you will no longer be trapped in deep-seated problems and avoid something. Customers and friends are drawn to you because of who you are and your energy: in the same way, you shouldn't be surprised if the same or similar crystals and problems keep cropping up.