How to choose a crystal for someone else

Many people will give crystal as a gift to special people in their lives, crystal is a great gift, it has different strange effects, sending crystal is more like a blessing, then we should pay attention to what when we send crystal.

First let's not focus on the countless crystals, we need to focus on what your special person likes more. Like romance, confidence, or money. Think about what's going on in your loved one's life. Consider how to improve their energy, spirit, and world. This gives us direction when choosing crystals, and once you know what you are looking for, our crystal selection becomes a little easier.

Point to think

1. Who are you giving the crystal to?

Send to sweetheart

For couples, it is recommended to send rose quartz, amethyst, redstone, agate, these crystals are conducive to the anxiety between couples and enhance feelings.

Send to Friend

Male friends: Recommend green phantom quartz, golden obsidian, citrine, this kind of crystal color is suitable for boys to wear, but also to stabilize the temperament, change the indecisive personality, more can usher in fortune.

Female friends: Recommend rose quartz, fluorite, prehnite, Rhodochrosite to deepen your relationship, develop spirituality, enhance attractiveness, promote emotion, and attract love for single friends

Send to elder

Black tourmaline, smoke crystal, golden obsidian such as solemn color, can stabilize the physical and mental breath, noble and solemn temperament, pray for the safety and health of the elders.

2. What is the other person going through and what do they need?

Do they often feel sick and have low energy? Look for gems that promote strength, balance and vitality, such as tiger's eye and jade.

Do they feel lonely? The Nourishing energy of rubric or powderstone These gems can open and heal the mind, increasing self-love, compassion and inner peace.

Are they stressed out at work and need a break from the stresses of everyday life? You might consider buying them some soothing and uplifting gems, such as amethyst or aquamarine.


Where do you want to use crystals


If the other person likes to wear it on the body and wants to be able to carry it, it is strongly recommended to send a necklace, bracelet, ring or pendant, and wear the crystal close to the skin to maximize its effect.

Home decoration

If your partner doesn't wear them, or prefers to keep them indoors, send them crystal pillars or freeforms. Crystals can be a chic addition to any home. They are beautiful and vibrant.