How to choose and use a pendulum clock

The pendulum can help you choose the right crystal for you, simply place the spirit on a crystal, ask the pendulum if it is the right choice, and watch the pendulum move. This is called "detection" and is an ancient ability that humans are born with, and may even be the earliest form of divination. The technique of detection has been used since prehistoric times, because the earliest written records recorded detection as fact.

Today, detection has been used in many fields. Pendulums or other detection tools can answer any question you want, from someone's illness to finding hidden water or oil fields. Water and oil companies all over the world use probing techniques.

Detection tool

You can use spiritual pendulums, crystal sticks, forked branches to detect, of which spiritual pendulums are the most convenient and easy to carry. A pendulum is a piece of metal or crystal attached to a string or chain, and if you are new to probing, it is easier to choose a crystal pendulum because they amplify the energy.


Choose the right pendulum

Just stand in front of a line of spirits and choose the one that catches your eye first, and don't overthink the decision. Then, ask the pendulum if it is right for you. Keep doing this until you find the pendulum that answers "yes."


Ask your spirit questions

If you want to use the pendulum, hold the pendulum in your hands and ask a simple question to which you know the answer is yes. For example, if you are a woman, ask, "Am I a woman?" The pendulum will begin to move; Then, ask the opposite question, and the pendulum should move differently. You can judge how your pendulum is saying "yes" and "no" and then you can ask the question you want to ask. To ask your spirit if this crystal is right for you, place your spirit on a crystal, one at a time, and ask, "Do I need this crystal?" It's that simple

Like all spiritual tools, the pendulum will respond to you the way you treat it. If you are serious, the pendulum will give you the right answer. (However, be careful how you phrase your questions.) If you make the pendulum a game, or keep asking the same questions over and over again, the pendulum will conform to your attitude and give an insincere response. The pendulum is only useful in the moment, and if too many people are involved in a situation, it will be difficult to get the right answer. For example, if you dangle your spirit over a crystal and ask, "Do I need this crystal?" The answer will be 100% correct, which means you will need the crystal in this moment. If you really ask what you and your twenty friends will do in a year, your spiritual pendulum will try to tell you what you will do in a year.


How does the pendulum work?

There is a deep space within you, some call it the soul, that connects all things, and this "inside" knows all things. It knows whether it will be rainy or sunny, whether your new acquaintance is trustworthy, and which crystals you will need. When you ask the pendulum a question, it starts to move, and so does your arm, but you don't move it intentionally, even if you try to stop it. If you observe a person using the pendulum, his arms are moving at the same time, because your intelligent inner being is telling you the answer through the muscles of your arms. In this way, the pendulum expresses your inner knowledge beyond your actual behavior.