How to choose the right crystal for beginners

Hello friends, when you open this story, it means that you want to embark on a journey into the healing crystal world, but as a beginner, you must be more confused, do not know the ins and out of the crystal, this guide will take you a preliminary understanding of the crystal crystal, I hope to help you.


What can a crystal do for me?


When people talk about the world of alternative therapy, the use of healing crystals probably tops the list. For the uninitiated, crystals (fossil minerals) are believed to have a variety of healing properties. From bringing peace of mind to fighting depression, the list seems endless. Many celebrities use them and vouch for their efficacy. They were also used in ancient medicine and were used by priests to adjust the body chakras.

How does crystal work?

Crystal healing affects individuals in two ways


Each crystal has a unique vibrational energy that can be used to balance the energy of ourselves or the environment around us. They are often used to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Not to mention, they can also help express intent, prevent negativity, and improve focus or creativity.


Think of crystals as tools that can help you tap into your inner potential. They won't do the work for you, but they can support you, amplify your intentions, and facilitate your deep connection with yourself and the universe.


Find the right method for your crystal

Consider your intentions

First of all, you have to be clear about your intentions in buying crystals, what attracts you, are you attracted to their beauty? Or do they have the power to change or help an area of your life or your own heart? In general, your intention when using a crystal is an important thing to think about before choosing one. Of course this is not necessary, but consider it a first step to working with them if you wish.

Follow your instincts

One of my favorite ways to choose crystals is by intuition. This is because it gives us the space to make an immediate energy connection with the crystal, which will soon become more meaningful. Let's start with the simplest, most effective way. First, you can take the intuitive route. Visit a local crystal shop and really immerse yourself in the space. Take a step back and look at the different crystals, and you may find that someone is undoubtedly calling to you. Pick them up, feel them, and see what you notice. Maybe a particular color, shape, or texture immediately makes you stand out, maybe you feel a magnetic pull that draws you to a particular area of the store, or maybe you keep looking back at a particular type. Usually, when you first see a large number of crystals, one of them catches your attention and continues to catch your attention. This is called the "first look" or "intuition" and these are good signs that the crystal is calling to you and choosing you. Everyone's intuition is different, so keep that in mind when choosing a crystal. This is the easiest and most effective way to choose a crystal, as you allow yourself to be guided by your subconscious/intuition and the crystal itself.

If you are overwhelmed or forget which crystal first attracted you, try standing quietly for a moment with your eyes closed and reflecting on your intention to buy the crystal. When you open your eyes, please go to your favorite crystal and feel it, this is your stone.

Through the senses

Everyone's type of sensitivity is different, and feeling the energy of a crystal may be a good way to know if it's right. Hold the stone in your hand, be still, and let the crystal communicate with you. Sometimes it may come in the form of a sensation, a tingling sensation, a wind sensation, or a more jarring physical sensation. Other times, it can manifest itself through sound, taste, or internal cognition. And other times, you feel like nothing. Everyone experiences crystal differently and there is no right way.

In general, a crystal that is good for you will make you feel good, even though you may not be able to describe the feeling it produces (physical or non-physical).

Use books and resources

Crystal is a popular trend now, there are a lot of information about crystal on the Internet or books, you can consult the relevant information according to your needs, how you feel in line with your needs, it is your stone. When you feel confused, you can make a light crystal that you are interested in, and choose one of your favorite crystals that corresponds to your current needs, at this time you will feel good.

The best crystal for beginners

Beginners are better suited to some of the best beginner crystals, the kind that can summon you and match your energy level. By far the most popular crystals for beginners are probably amethyst or clear quartz.


This beautiful purple gem is known for its calm and intuitive properties. As a natural sedative, it is commonly used to help reduce the ability of stress and energy associated with anxiety, anger, sadness, and insomnia. Amethyst is a great healing crystal for beginners in addition, it is said to aid in spiritual growth and psychic abilities. Including feng shui or electromagnetic pressure and the malice of others. It can also increase your inner spiritual awareness and psychic abilities and enhance your intuition. To use it, hold it while practicing intuitive activities such as tarot reading or pendulum work. You can also incorporate it into rituals to sanctify and energize sacred Spaces in your home, such as altars. Doing so will promote spiritual connection and protection.

Transparent quartz

Clear quartz is known as the "healing master" of crystals and can enhance your energy and thought processes. It is also said to enhance the efficacy of other crystals, making it an excellent starter stone. If you feel that you are attracting negative emotions in your life, you should use white quartz. Whether with friends, in your work life, at home, or just in terms of your overall luck, crystals will help restore your positivity by removing the negativity around your aura in the first place. To use it, try holding it in your hand or placing it on the "third eye chakra" (between the eyes) while meditating. You can also wear it as jewelry, allowing its healing energy to accompany you throughout the day.

How to use crystals


When crystals come into your life, you will wonder how to use them, there is no specific way, just about anything! Whether you choose to wear them, meditate with them, or simply place them in your living space, they can serve as a beautiful reminder of your intentions and goals. To get the full effect of crystals, you need to hold them close (preferably on the skin, which is why jewelry is a popular choice). Cleaning your crystal regularly to keep it working properly is also one of the important things. Crystals can be placed under running water, sunlight or moonlight, buried in salt or dirt, or wafted with smoke above them to restart and recalibrate their power. Ensure that the crystal is clean and charged to ensure the normal function of the crystal.

How to care for your crystal

Whether you've just bought a new crystal or have owned one for a while and need to rejuvenate, it's always a good thing to keep your crystal clean, clear and active.

Find out the characteristics of each crystal, because some crystals can be cleaned with water, but some cannot, depending on the porosity, so you need to check the guide before doing maintenance.

It's also important to store them in a safe place where they won't get damaged, especially if they have sharp edges that can break easily. Wrap them in soft bags or cloth when not in use, and be sure to clean them occasionally if displaying them at an altar or anywhere else in your home.