How to make crystal mesh

What is Crystal mesh?

When you combine the healing energy of crystal with your intent to focus and sprinkle a little divine geometric magic on it, you get a very powerful tool that you can use to help change your life for the better. Crystal grids can be used to purify auras and clear Spaces, to express goals and desires, to bring emotional, spiritual and physical healing, etc. Anywhere in your life you feel you need support, you can make a crystal grid for it. Your imagination is the only limit. The main rule of thumb is to have fun!

How does Crystal mesh work?

Crystal grids function primarily by intent and frequency. Crystals can receive, store, amplify, convert, and clear energy through the different electromagnetic frequencies they maintain.

For example, transparent quartz is used in a range of technical devices, just like anything you're reading right now, because it's so good at receiving and storing data. It's just as good at receiving and storing your energy data, so to speak. In this way, you can "stamp" a crystal through the power of your intention.

When you create a crystal grid around an intention, prayer, curse, or affirmation, it is preserved in the crystal and disseminated as a frequency.

You can think of the Crystal grid as a little satellite dish, broadcasting your intentions out into the world. No matter how you use it, it will be amplified and spread.

Crystal grids and sacred geometries

Another way to harness this powerful crystalline energy is to use sacred geometries to arrange the grid

In nature, from the smallest particles to the tallest trees to the deepest elements of space, we can find innate geometric patterns that are the basis of everything. These patterns create different frequencies of energy, which is the basis of sacred geometry. You can create your own crystal grid of geometric patterns that support your intentions from the simplest forms, such as circles that bring wholness, or squares that create structure, to complex sacred geometric patterns, such as the Flower of Life, how you arrange crystals in the grid, shaping the energy they hold. When placed in these patterns, you can not only harness the magic of each crystal individually, but also have them work together to increase their healing power.


How to make crystal mesh

Creating crystal grids is a great way to focus, meditate, and connect with intuition and nature. Creating crystal meshes is not only an alternative to adult coloring; It also allows you to make space for yourself while enjoying gentle, creative activities. It's also a great group activity to do with friends and kids.

If you are also fascinated by the beauty of crystal grids and divine geometry, but don't know what they are for and how to use them, then you can follow us to learn the basics of crystal grids and make one for yourself.

1. Set intentions

Record, visualize, or otherwise identify a particular desire and state it in a positive and present tense way, such as "I am relaxed and I am enjoying my own company."

2. Gather stones or crystals for your grid

Make sure the stones you collect benefit your intentions, such as topaz for prosperity or pyrite for luck. You can also use clear quartz to add extra magnification to the crystal mesh, and a crystal mesh cloth or altar cloth can guide your mesh and hold the sacred space.

3. Prepare your sacred space

Clear a space and clear the space of negative energy through incense or other preferred methods.

4. Start laying out the stones

With your intention in mind, place the anchor stone in the center of the crystal grid. An anchor stone can be a stone that corresponds to your main focus or intent, or you can put a piece of clear quartz, as clear quartz can be used in all crystal meshes. For extra energy, you can put a piece of paper with your intentions, a photograph, under the anchor stone.

Place the remaining stones or crystals around the anchor stone to form the sacred geometry you want, with your intentions in mind. The circle is used for infinite abundance, especially in health, wealth, and love; Square for strength, structure, and protection; spiral for expansion, creativity, and flow; Hexagons are suitable for all crystal grid layouts

5. Activate your Crystal grid You can sit next to the crystal grid and meditate on your intention to connect with the grid. Remember that you are sitting in the energy field of your grid, so stay focused.