How to meditate with a Crystal Ball

For centuries, the crystal ball has been used as a sacred instrument, an excellent conductor of energy, sending energy waves in all directions, symbolizing unity, wholeness, karma, consummation, and reverence for circular energy; The smooth surface of the crystal ball keeps the energy flowing and allows us to communicate unimpeded. Crystal balls can be used for a number of occasions, including healing, attracting good vibes and activating the twelfth chakra.

The crystal ball connection allows us to open ourselves to the energies and forces of the universe, and is good for our emotional, physical, and spiritual conditioning, and they are working to help us eliminate tension, anxiety, and other forms of negative energy that can reflect on our physical selves when they occur. You can also use the crystal ball as a massage tool to help relax the body, eliminate kinks in the body, and mentally purify the chakras. This can be done by placing the crystal ball at specific points on the body.

How to meditate with a Crystal Ball

Trataka meditation is a visual object focused meditation in which you focus on an external static object such as the flame of a candle, a crystal, or any other object. Compared to other meditation methods, Trataka is more clear and intuitive, especially for those who have difficulty concentrating during closed eyes meditation or body awareness meditation, making it a more viable option.


Specific steps

1. Choose a quiet and comfortable space with a crystal ball

2. Hold the crystal ball in front of your eyes and keep your eyes level

3. Sit and breathe deeply

4. Gaze into the crystal ball, consciously relax your eyes and try not to blink

When the force disperses, gently pull it back

5. Close your eyes when you feel sore or watery

6. Keep visualizing the crystal ball in your mind, trying to recall its fine lines

Section while paying attention to the relaxation of the eyes

7. When your eyes are normal, open them and repeat steps 4-6

8. When most of the details of the crystal ball can be visualized, do not open your eyes. 9. In front of the visualized crystal, say "Thank you for coming + the intention you intend to give to the crystal," for example, "Thank you for coming and helping me to sleep better.

10. For about ten minutes, slowly open your eyes and exit the meditation

11. Place the crystal ball in the right place according to the intention

Matters needing attention

1. Crystal ball selection: Pick an easy to remember crystal ball - your favorite or most familiar, if not, then the more pure the interior of the ball is more appropriate.

2. It is not easy for beginners to visualize the details of the crystal, so just remember the outline in the initial meditation and then proceed to the next step. Practice more, and gradually memorize the details of it, and eventually you can make the ball rotate 360 degrees in your mind.

3. Intention: The idea of giving a crystal varies from person to person and from crystal to crystal. In my case, I have a tea crystal ball with a soft and gentle cotton wool structure inside. When I think about it, I get a gentle, relaxed feeling, and I think about walking on the beach under the moon. Therefore, I gave this crystal ball the meaning of "sleep aid" and put it on the bedside as a night lamp.