How to remove negative energy from your home

Home is a comfortable place, it allows us to rest and relax and recharge, home is your haven, if the outside world makes you feel chaotic, then home is like a temple of rest and recharge, a place of healing and renewal, your home can not only give strength and heal you, but also become a model of harmony. For you and every guest invited through the door to step into a higher spiritual frequency, it must have a positive, protective, nourishing aura that uplifts you every time. It's certainly possible that our homes absorb negative energy and emotions. This is where protective crystals come into play!

The influence of home on us is very important, and when it absorbs negative emotions, we are affected. You may feel fear, anxiety, or sadness in a negative space. It will affect our health and well-being. If the negative emotions multiply, it is very unfavorable to our lives, the importance of eliminating the negative energy of the environment can be imagined, and the protection stone can help you do this.

Here we take you on a journey to discover 6 powerful crystals that can help banish negativity in your home. These gems will help you regain your positive energy

Factors that affect negative energy in the home

Withered plants, appliances that can no longer be repaired, expired things, dust on the windowsill, old clothes that can no longer be worn, useless books, cards, shredded paper and other cluttered homes will slowly bring negative energy. Negative energy may also linger in a house where a traumatic or negative event recently occurred.

Powerful protective crystal

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is the crystal of love and is perfect for your home to help create a loving, welcoming environment in any space.

No matter where you place it, you will see the benefits of rose quartz, making the space 360° full of love. I love that when I move into a new space, I bring rose quartz into the new space so that all the positive, loving energy can fill the space!

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful protective crystal that is perfect for creating positive and welcoming living Spaces, and its strong protection helps to remove all negative energy. I can also form a protective energy shield around your home. Placing a piece of black tourmaline on your front door to remove negative energy from your home and prevent any other negative energy from entering your home is the perfect way to keep your home happy and happy. It should be noted that since black tourmaline is very good at absorbing negative energy, it needs to be cleaned up frequently.


The sunny yellow color of Citrine makes people feel happy and can bring infinite happiness and joy of life, and the citrine can be placed in the entrance and out, laying the foundation for a positive environment! It will fill your home with sunny energy and a carefree spirit that makes everyone who walks in feel elegant. Like rose quartz, I like to place citrine in a new home before moving in to help fill a space with happiness.


Amethyst helps create a peaceful and harmonious environment. It has protective energy and it is also a good crystal to help you sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, keep a piece of Amethyst under your pillow or on your bedside table to ward off negative energy throughout the night.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is known to be a healing master that can help clean and adjust your space. Setting your intentions and translating them into reality is perfect. This means that any energy you want to show for your home will become a reality. Clear quartz helps boost self-love and confidence. Choose this mind-clearing gem to cleanse yourself and your surroundings of toxic energy. It should be noted that because it absorbs energy very well, there should be a clear intention when cleaning and charging.


labradorite enables you to stay in touch with your inner self and thoughts. It fosters a deeper relationship with yourself and nourishes your third eye and laryngeal chakra. This magical stone can make your space a safe place to mingle. It means you can be yourself without hesitation. Use this stone correctly to restore positive energy.

The powerful function of crystals helps clear the negative energy of the space outside, in addition to beautiful crystals can also be used as decoration, bring this beautiful and energetic crystal into your home and enjoy the wonderful benefits of healing energy, there are many ways to use them, it is entirely up to personal preference. Whichever method you choose, these healing gems are sure to protect you from further adversity.