How to use amethyst therapy

 Amethyst is the most popular purple gemstone in the world. It is a purple quartz variety that has been used for personal decoration for more than 2,000 years. At the same time, it is also very famous for its healing effects, and for those who want to know how to use amethyst for healing, this powerful and beautiful stone is sure to make everyone fall for it, while keeping all those who wear her magnificently grounded. Amethyst is said to be a bridge connecting the concrete with the divine - the meaning of amethyst has long been synonymous with spirituality and is known for its close association with the third eye and the crown wheel. Amethyst is used to treat diseases and its history dates back to ancient Greece. Our ancient ancestors noticed its mysterious powers. Amethyst can stop alcoholism and help warriors in battle. Used everywhere from Christian churches to ancient Egypt, it is the birthstone of Pisces. It is a beautiful stone, easily recognizable by its distinct purple tones. Due to its beauty and healing properties, amethyst is still used today. Amethyst is known for its balanced properties. When you feel the benefits of amethyst, your physical and mental problems will be cured.

Here I will share a few ways of how to use amethyst healing.

1. Use during meditation

If you want to stop and meditate during the day, keep a piece of amethyst nearby or hold it. Amethyst can help you gain a clearer mind and conduct the meditation process more fully. If you frequent the yoga or meditation area, simply place the stone nearby.

2. Use them for inspiration.

Since amethyst can help keep the mind clear and promote inner peace, it is perfect for finding inspiration.

When you're confused, having amethyst nearby or on your hand for a quiet time may help spark your imagination and give you inspiration.

3. Put it under your pillow or on your nightstand to enhance your sleep

Amethyst can act as a shield of energy or as a soothing salve to relieve your stress and tense nerves, improving your insomnia, headaches, minor soreness and aches. This helps keep nightmares at bay. With amethyst under your pillow, you'll have more pleasant dreams than scary ones.

4. Carry it everywhere, whether as jewelry, a rolling stone, or a tower in your pocket

Ancient cultures believed amethyst protected the wearer from witchcraft and psychic attacks. Priests use it to ward off impure thoughts, dispel mystical intoxication, and maintain chastity and modesty. The benefits of amethyst jewelry are not just aesthetic. It acts as a conduit for positive energy and fosters positivity and serenity in people's lives. Amethyst jewelry has a variety of benefits to combat stress, anxiety and negative emotions, bringing a sense of calm and clarity of thought. Many people turn to amethyst during meditation to cleanse their minds and connect with their inner wisdom.

5. You can use amethyst as an aura cleaner to eliminate negative emotions and energy that may arise during the day.

If you are a tarot practitioner, you can place an amethyst on the deck to purify stale energy, just like the moon or a piece of selenite!

6. Placing amethyst holes in your home or workplace can relieve geological stress

And enhance certain electromagnetic fields. Amethyst is an essential crystal in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, which involves creating house decorations that balance Yin and Yang and allow energy to flow in a favorable way.

8.Amethyst gems are a great gift, especially for those who have just moved into a new home

If you want to make them feel at home, amethyst can provide a sense of relaxation and calm. A good amethyst stone can provide many metaphysical properties that can help a new family find comfort in a new home.

  If you use the crystal frequently, it is essential to clean it regularly, for example once a week, to avoid dirt buildup that could affect the vibration of the crystal. Use natural sunlight when drying. It is also important to note that amethyst is very sensitive to extreme temperatures, so avoid using external heat. When not in use, store it in a cool place or in a heated area.