How to use Crystal points

What's a crystal point?

The crystal point is an ideal space for spiritual practice or any healing ritual object. The naturally formed tip of the crystal can be used to direct energy away from or towards something. For example, if you want to increase the power of the possession symbol, you can point the tip of the white crystal point at it during a ritual that empowers it. The tip is sometimes naturally formed, sometimes hand-carved, and both achieve the same purpose.

How can crystal points be used? I will introduce the following methods for you.



1. Improve the magnetic field as a feng shui decoration

Crystal points are not only effective, but also can be used as decorative accessories, whether at home or office, is a good choice, it can purify negative energy magnetic field, bring us good luck

2. Degaussing purification and charging for crystal bracelet

The crystal point has a strong absorption, can be used to degaussing any crystal bracelet, only need to place the crystal bracelet on the crystal point for more than 6 hours to charge the crystal bracelet, you usually do not wear the bracelet, you can put them on the crystal point, so that they always maintain a full charge state.

3. Place crystal pillars in the study space

The energy emitted by the crystal point allows us to use the white crystal point to bring us peace when we are relaxed or in need of quiet reflection, helping to create a comfortable and inspiring environment for us to think.

4. Assisted meditation

Columnar crystal is very convenient to hold, in meditation, it can bring people a pleasant spiritual feeling, especially amethyst, play a soothing role, make people's mood, purify negative energy, purify long, provide a good scene for meditation.

5. Improve your sense of space

In the bedroom or social space, as a decoration, its unique color and shape can add a touch of warmth and art to these Spaces, in need of inspiration and mood lift, can be placed on the table or hand, its unique beautiful color may stimulate your creativity.