How to use crystals to relieve headaches

In daily life, bad sleep or sick cold, in the state of work and study for a long time will have headache symptoms occur, but if you often take painkillers, there will be some side effects, at this time I suggest using crystal treatment, this method is more natural without side effects, and my personal favorite is, It can make me feel a sense of gratitude while healing. Compared with medication, it will make me happier inside, and in my personal experience, it is often faster than medication.


Clear quartz 

If the headache is more intense, I would recommend using a white crystal column first. Use a drop of lavender essential oil on the palm, then pick up your own white crystal column and hold it in the palm for 30 seconds, this time you can close your eyes and quietly feel the blend of crystal and essential oil energy. Place it on the forehead and focus the mind at this time, transferring the tense, cloudy energy of the headache into the crystal column. The energy of the white crystal column is very strong, it will collect negative energy, transform it out, and at the same time bring you a white healing light. At the same time, it will amplify the aroma of lavender, the energy of the purple light brought from nature to the city, will make your mood instantly better, every time I feel very grateful.

Smoky quartz

I like the gem crystal will use tea crystal, tea crystal is very beautiful, it is also a good crystal to reduce the radiation of electronic products. For example, I put this big one between me and my computer, or sometimes between me and my phone.


Amethyst is often used between the third round and the top round, and because of the purple light it brings, it can stabilize the energy in this area of the head.

Rose quartz

A highly recommended crystal for headaches is powder crystal. If you try to place this powder with a very gentle energy on your forehead, you will soon feel calm, it brings a very nourishing energy, it can soothe our tense attention, tense muscles and with lavender essential oil, You will suddenly feel that the small, living molecules of the rough life originally exist in this space and interact with you, and you will deeply realize that there are countless beautiful, healing energies in nature.

If you have crystals and essential oils, the most important thing is to start using these things on your hands immediately, and nourish and enrich your life with these small beauties.