How to work with Crystal

Crystal water

What is crystal water

The healing effects of crystals can be experienced by drinking water soaked in crystals, known as crystal water. In certain situations, crystal water can be an effective healer; Some crystals cannot be made into crystal water.

Make crystal water

Start by cleaning the crystal you want to work with by placing the crystal into a glass or container of water, distilled or mineral water from a clean source is recommended, but tap water will work as well. Cover the container and leave it overnight, optionally in the refrigerator or not. As you go through these steps, keep your mind focused on what you want this crystal water to do. Some people prefer to put crystal water in the sun, moonlight, or surround it with white crystal to strengthen crystal water. By the next morning, the crystal water is finished and can be taken or used externally for the next 24 hours. You can take three different crystals, such as quartz, amethyst and powder, and put them in three glasses of water, and also fill a glass of pure water as a control. Let these crystals sit in the glass for 20 to 30 minutes and try them. Usually, quartz water will taste fresher than pure water, amethyst water will have a distinct metallic taste, and powder crystal will be slightly lighter.

The benefits of crystal water

Crystal water is easy to prepare, as portable as a bottle of water

and is a very powerful additional tool for the crystal healer.


Amazing crystal water effect

Since crystal water works from the inside out, it is a very effective healing product. Azuranite crystal water is a potion commonly used on the body and is very helpful in healing most minor ailments. Amber crystal water is one of the most gentle and effective remedies for constipation. After a tiring day, aragonite crystal water can soothe sore muscles. Others can be applied directly to infected areas of the body, for example, using amber crystal water as an antiseptic for cuts or bruises, or soaking your feet in warm pyrite crystal water to treat corns.

Apply it on the chakra

Outside of the actual body, we have a set of energy bodies containing various energy channels, commonly known as meridians or meridians. When the energy flow in these channels slows down or gets blocked, we get sick; When energy can flow freely, we live in a state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. There are many ways to heal people by enhancing the free flow of energy in the energy body, from acupuncture to Reiki. Crystal healing can also be used on energy bodies, especially in chakras.

What are chakras?

"Chakra," literally translated as "wheel" in Sanskrit, exists where two or more energies intersect in the body. Chakras are the concentration of energy and are the easiest to exchange with the outside world

The place of energy. To the person who can see the energy, the chakra looks like a sphere or wheel, hence the name "chakra".

Many Eastern traditional cultures speak of seven chakras along the midline of the body, along the spine from the base to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with some part of the body, perhaps an organ or a gland. In addition to these seven main chakras, there are many smaller ones, some people think there are close to 440, but we only need to focus on the seven main chakras.

The balance and alignment of the chakras are constantly changing, and a healthy chakra is very flexible, giving off vibrations and moving slightly in and out of balance; However, sometimes the chakra will fall out of balance and it will take a little time to return, and this is when the chakra needs to be healed.

Find the chakra

Locating the chakra is simple because it makes a person feel different from other bodies. Place one or both of your hands in the position of each chakra (see below) and focus your attention. Notice if there is a different sensation anywhere, which could be warmth, coldness or tingling. You may also feel something like a pinprick, or experience some kind of strange sensation (it doesn't matter how you describe the feeling of energy, there is no absolute right or wrong). Energy may be felt in front or behind the body, and you can also use the pendulum to find other people's chakras

The location of the seven chakras

First wheel: located on the crown of the head.

Brow wheel (also known as the three eyes wheel): in the middle of the forehead, above the eyebrows.

Laryngeal wheel: Located in the middle of the throat. Heart wheel: Located right in the middle of the chest.

Solar wheel (also known as solar plexus): located behind the cartilage at the base of the sternum.

The Id wheel (also called the umbilical wheel): Below the navel, try to place your thumb on the navel and your palm on the stomach, with your ID wheel positioned directly below the palm.

Submarine wheel: Located at the bottom of the spine at the tailbone.

A crystal for the seven chakras

Each chakra reinforces specific qualities at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. When all chakras are in a balanced and connected state, many positive feelings can be felt, and chakras are also associated with these concepts. You can place crystals directly on the chakra points or around the chakra for healing. You can also place the crystal on points that feel painful or uncomfortable. Crystals can help concentrate energy directly into the body so that the most energy is available to the points that need it most. Using crystals on the chakra can prevent and heal disease at the same time.

How to place crystals

Create a special space where you can relax and focus by laying the appropriate crystals (see table on the left) on each chakra point, resting and relaxing for 30 minutes. Ideally, do it every day.

Try to pay attention to your own reactions during this healing process, and you may notice that one or several crystals bring a particularly different feeling, or experience a sense of wholeness. Each crystal may feel warm or cool, light or heavy, as if there is nothing there

On average, you are also likely to experience a tingling, electricity-like sensation in the area where the crystal was placed or in other parts of your body. You will usually feel very calm and relaxed, but sometimes you will feel heavy, as if you are sinking deep into the floor or bed. Be open to any feelings or thoughts that arise.

Using crystal columns

If you want to try more intensive healing than the above, you can use the crystal pillar technique. Simply place four white crystals around the chakra crystal on the person being treated and align the vertex with the central chakra crystal. This will allow the crystal to focus more energy on specific chakras, greatly enhancing the healing effect of chemotherapy.