January birthstone - Garnet

A person's birth month corresponds to different stones, that is, since the date of your birth, there is a natural connection with the production stone, garnet as a January birthstone, if you were born in January, the garnet is your birthday stone, on behalf of love, loyalty, is the famous "woman stone", this is because garnet naturally contains a lot of trace elements, good for the female body, Garnet is a big family, there are deep wine red, charming purple tooth, live wave bright Fanta stone, etc., but also the second anniversary of the wedding stone.

The significance of the January Birthday stone is full of fascinating legends, and if you were born in January, the following guide will help you understand this stunning crimson gem.

What is garnet?

Garnet is a stone with a long history, because its crystal and pomegranate seed shape, color is very similar, so the name "garnet" at the same time it has a high refractive index, strong luster, close to diamond luster, is the leader in colored gems, the current market many garnet produced from Africa, most of the price of garnet is approachable, but there are exceptions !

The distribution of garnets

Garnet is widely distributed around the world, mainly in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Canada, the United States, South Africa, Myanmar, Tanzania, Kenya, India and China.

Mineral composition

Garnet is a silicate mineral with a complex chemical composition, named Garnet, meaning "like seed January," the image depicts the appearance of garnet from shape to color like the "seed" in pomegranate, it is a large family.

Garnet history and implication

Since ancient Egypt, Garnet has been regarded as a talisman that people believe in and wear

It can bring good luck and always maintain the honor and status of ancient warriors and loyal knights,

Their armor was inlaid with garnet to bless peace a gem of high rank, chosen as one

The birthday stone of the month of Garnet represents chastity, friendship, loyalty and is also a wedding anniversary stone

Garnet, the famous "stone of women"

Garnet itself has an irresistible charm it can ward off evil, protect feelings and marriage, suck

A woman who wears garnet will look better and more vibrant

Glow, naturally become more and more beautiful mood will improve, become optimistic and confident the whole person will from

From the inside out emanates vitality and light in relationships with others that will harmonize such a state of life and career

The family will get better and better


Garnet symbolism

Often considered the birthstone of January, garnet is believed to bring strength, positive energy and protection, giving people confidence, clear thinking, creative thinking, elimination of frustration and anger, and inner peace. As the birthstone of January, the constancy and simplicity of garnet make people have enough courage to face the future, and its symbol of friendship and luck bless people to survive and challenge.

How to clean garnet

Water cleaning method: Place the red garnet under slowly flowing clear water to wash away the negative energy attached to it.

- Moonlight bath method: Of course, the moonlight of the full moon can play a good purifying and energizing effect on any crystal, helping to restore its energy.

Sunbathing method: Place the red garnet in the sun to dry, especially in the mild sun in the early morning or evening. The sun's energy can help clean and energize the crystals. The time should not be too long, about 5 minutes, and do not expose it to strong sunlight to avoid damage to the crystal