kunzite meaning and use

kunzite is a very cost-effective popular gemstone, it is a lithium containing aluminum silicate mineral, a wide range of colors, from colorless to yellow, from pink to violet, from light yellowish green to medium dark green, and very rare light blue. For jewelry lovers, pink purple purple spodumene is the most common and most popular.

Because of its unique texture and gloss is loved by a lot of girls, it will show in and out of the silk-like soft texture, there is also a dreamy light pearl color, known as the "crystal queen".

Origin: Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc


1. Can make people do things positively, full of self-motivated, is the symbol of money

2. Purple lithium can increase the ability to coordinate and communicate with people

3. It can balance emotions, relieve depression, cheer up the mood, make people have a positive attitude and relieve pressure

4. Purple lithium is a kind of gem suitable for women to wear, which is good for the skin

Corresponding chakra: Heart chakra