March birthstone Aquamarine Bloodstone

We may all know that aquamarine is the birthstone of March, but the blood stone is also the birthstone of March. The two stones have different appearance, but they also play energy in March, symbolizing strength and perseverance. Let's take a look at these two birthstones and see which one you like better


aquamarine is the birthstone of March, symbolizing "calmness and courage", "happiness and longevity". It is like a romantic ocean of color, also reminiscent of the blue sky, transparent to translucent blue gems, can soothe the mood, have the power to purify the tired soul.

For those born in March, jewelry made of aquamarine stone can not only bring the extraordinary beauty of the outside, but more importantly, it can bring shelter and happiness.

Aquamarine color

Color may be one of the more important determinants of the value of aquamarine stone. Just like sea water, this gemstone ranges in color from greenish-blue, pale blue, and greenish-blue. So aquamarine stone can change from blue to green.

Main producing area

The most famous aquamarine stone in the world is produced in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where the aquamarine stone particles are complete and pure, and the color is often surprising. The best ones are bright blue, which is especially intoxicating.

In addition, aquamarine stone is produced in Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China

Aquamarine Healing properties

aquamarine is beneficial to brain health and intelligence, helps to learn, communicate and increase courage, and can improve language expression and communication skills, so aquamarine is suitable for introverted people and people who need language expression at work. In terms of soul, aquamarine can help us connect the self and higher self. It helps to focus the mind and meditate, and clears away negative energy when used in visualization exercises.


Bloodstone, also known as blood chalcedony, is a cryptocrystalline quartz crystal that, like agate and chalcedony, is a dark green chalcedony with blood-red to brown-red spots that are translucent to opaque. Spots are sometimes blood drops, star spots, "blood star stone" said. Bloodstone is associated with courage and strength and is believed to bring vitality and enhance decision-making.

The color of Bloodstone

The color of Bloodstone can range from light green to dark green (there are also some blue-green gray and brown), with faint or distinct red spots or stripes (there are also some yellow or white), and its color distribution is not uniform, many times will be found with distinct light and dark areas, so it can be extremely difficult to find a uniform color of blood stone.

The origin of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is found embedded in rocks or pebbles in riverbeds. The main source of this gem is India, but it is also found in Brazil, Australia, the United States and Canada.

Bloodstone clarity

Natural Bloodstone is usually opaque, so the requirements for internal clarity are less stringent when choosing this gemstone. It should be noted that the surface of Bloodstone should be clean and shiny, and should feel smooth to the touch, without blemishes and pits. The surface quality of Bloodstone will affect its overall value, in general, the surface with pits and holes will reduce the value of Bloodstone. High quality Bloodstone is known for its good polished finish, with a silky touch and a beautiful shine.