Meaning and healing properties of Amazonian stone

What is Amazon Stone?

Amazonite is a type of potassium feldspar, which is actually a mineral characterized by its luster and greenish to blue-green color. This kind of crystal is produced in Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, the United States and other places.

It is best known as the "Stone of Hope" and has long been revered for bringing hope and faith to those who wear it, she said.

Amazon stone is a trade name for a green to blue-green to green-blue gemstone material used in everyday jewelry and healing practices around the world. Can be made into convex faces, beads and frosted gems. It is a color variety of microcline, a potassium-rich member of the feldspar mineral group. It is a relatively rare variety of the feldspar group of minerals that make up most of the Earth's crust, meaning that unlike quartz minerals, it naturally has a cloud-like appearance and a Mohs hardness of about 6. The patterns on the turquoise Amazonian stones of varying brightness usually consist of white lines with occasional black dots or inclusions, making each stone unique.

Amazon stones come in purple, gray, green and blue. The most common is greenish-blue. The Amazon stone is meant to relieve anxiety and bring clarity.

History of Amazonian stone

The Amazonian mineral rocks were prized by the ancient Egyptians, who made beautiful jewelry, ornaments, and carved important texts on this stone. Tianhe Stone has long been revered for its beauty and healing properties. This pale green mineral rock is thought to date back to the 10th century BC. Amazon stone is also known as "Amazon stone" because it is believed to have been found in the Amazon River basin in Brazil. However, no deposits have actually been found there, but Amazonian stone has been found in other parts of Brazil, Colorado and Virginia in the United States, Australia and Madagascar.

Amazon stone is also known as "Colorado jade" or "Pikes Peak jade" because of its resemblance to jade. Amazon stone is usually a light green color, but sometimes it may be blue-green, turquoise, or yellow-green, and may also have white stripes.

There is a calm confidence embedded in the appearance of Amazon stone - the beautiful blue-green pale color is mesmerizing and soothing to the eye - so it has been used as a symbol of personal development and protection in many historical societies. One historical use that fits the name (but is not necessarily confirmed) is that the semi-mythical Amazons, a tribe of warrior women who are thought to have roamed the river in the 10th century BC, used stones for added protection.

Therapeutic properties

Amazon stone is a very strange and beautiful thing. With a color of seconds, this stone is associated with the elements of earth and water. Not only brings beautiful pop colors, but also radiant healing properties, bringing Tianhe Stone into your life, closet and home will bring endless benefits...

Emotional balance and clear thinking

Life can be overwhelming, and feelings of anxiety and stress can cloud our thoughts. Amazon Stone has calming and soothing energy that can relieve anxiety and promote inner peace. Its association with the water element helps us embrace the fluidity of life and encourages the graceful flow of emotions and experiences, thus promoting emotional balance.

Physical health benefits

The healing power of Amazon Stone extends to our physical health, supporting overall health and vitality. This extraordinary stone is believed to promote calcium absorption, reduce muscle spasms and prevent tooth decay. Its ability to shield from electromagnetic pollution makes it a valuable ally in the modern world, where we are constantly exposed to electronic devices and their potentially harmful effects.

In addition to its specific physical health benefits, Amazon stone can have a profound impact on our overall health. Its soothing energy helps foster positive emotions, which enhances our body's natural healing process. By promoting emotional balance and a sense of flow, we are encouraged to maintain optimal health and embrace life with grace and ease.

Whether you wear Amazon stone jewelry, carry gems in your pocket, or incorporate them into your meditation practice, this powerful crystal can support your journey to physical health. It is a gentle reminder to prioritize self-care and nourish our bodies so that we can flourish in all aspects of life, including maintaining optimal health.

Spiritual growth and energy work

The spiritual healing properties of Amazon stone are closely associated with the heart chakra and the throat chakra, which are associated with love, compassion, and communication. By opening and adjusting these energy centers, we encourage the harmonious flow of energy throughout our body, promoting spiritual growth and deep inner peace.

As powerful throat-wheel stones, Amazon stones inspire us to speak the truth clearly and confidently, enabling us to truly express ourselves without fear. Its association with the heart chakra enables us to open ourselves to fraternity and embrace kindness, compassion and empathy in our relationships with others and ourselves.

Incorporating Amazon stone into your spiritual practice, whether through meditation, energy healing, or simply carrying a stone around with you, can have a profound impact on your spiritual journey. Its calming energy and connection to the water element promotes a sense of flow and harmony that enables us to meet life's challenges with grace and tenacity.

Embrace the healing power of Amazon Stone and embark on a transformative path that leads to spiritual growth, self-discovery and the embodiment of universal love.

How to use Amazon Stone


An easy way to use this powerful crystal is to simply meditate with it, using positive affirmations.

1. Hold the Amazon stone in your dominant hand and say out loud "I am hopeful" three times.

2. Close your eyes and think about the current situation in your life that is discouraging you.

3. Squeeze your Amazon stone and ask yourself, What does this situation want to show me, teach me, or do for me?

4. Imagine crystal washing your healing turquoise. Feeling the energy of this crystal lifts your spirit and fills you with hope.



Amazon stone is good for both heart and throat chakra, so if you want to balance or heal these two energy centers, it's a good idea to incorporate Amazon stone into the mix. Whether it's chakra meditation or chakra bathing, a little extra Amazon stone can't hurt.

Keep it at home or carry it with you.

The easiest way to use Amazon stone is to keep it at home or carry it around with you (i.e. as jewelry or in a purse) so that its positive energy can affect you throughout the day.

Amazonstone birthstone

Amazon stone is not officially associated with the birthday stone chart, but people born in March often use it for protection and balance. Some sources also apply Amazon stone to the zodiac sign Virgo, so there is no general agreement on the role it plays at certain times of the year.

Amazon stone cleaning and charging

Occasionally cleaning and charging your crystal is very important, especially if you use your crystal regularly. In the case of Amazon stone, the easiest way to clean and purify Tianhe stone is to leave it in the sun or under a full moon for four hours or more, or to clean it with smoke or a selenite dish.

Energizing your Amazon stone is just as important as cleaning it. To charge a stone, you can place it in the moonlight, place it in a bowl of clear quartz or selenite, or expose it to sunlight for a short time. These methods will ensure that your Amazon stone remains a powerful source of positive energy and healing properties.


More crystal information

1. What's the use of Amazon stone?

The Amazon Stone is a stone of truth, hope and flow. This greenish-blue gemstone helps bring clarity and calm. It also eliminates negative energy and can protect against electromagnetic fields. The Amazon stone is attached to the throat wheel, making it an excellent tool for setting boundaries and telling the truth. It can also be used to show.

2. Can Amazon stone be soaked in water?

Amazon stone has a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5, which means it is a gemstone that can be safely placed in water. It has a lot of water energy, and cleaning it by running it under the tap or giving it a quick soak should be fine. However, it is not recommended to leave Amazon stone in water or drink water where Tianhe stone once existed, as it is potassium feldspar crystal.

3. What chakra is the Amazon Stone?

Like many beautiful turquoise gems, Amazonia is a magical stone that helps clear the throat chakra, but it also works on the heart chakra. When the mind and throat wheels are cleared, you can enter the shadow of love and trust, and you can better express yourself with compassion and eloquence.

4. Where was the Amazon stone found?

Amazon stone is found all over the world, such as Russia, Brazil, the United States and Madagascar. Although it takes its name from the raging Amazon River, there are actually no Amazon deposits in this particular area.

5. Can Amazon stone be damp?

Yes, Amazon stone can get wet, but it is not recommended to immerse the crystal completely in water for a long period of time. A quick spray of water will clean your Amazon stone without leaving any damage. Avoid drinking or drinking any water that contains Amazonite, as it is a potassium feldspar.

6. Where is the Amazon stone in the house?

Welcoming Amazon stone into your home is a great way to create a soft, soothing and expressive environment. Place your Amazon stone in any shared space and let this gem work its magic to bring peace, harmony and good communication to the table. You can also keep the Amazon stone by your bed, as it tames the monkey's mind and helps you fall asleep easily.

7. What is the meaning of Amazon stone?

The meaning of Amazon stone is hope and harmony. It gets its name from the flow of the Amazon River, as it was once the place where a large number of green gems were found, although Amazon stone is not currently mined in the area. However, the name is appropriate for this stone because it is a gem that reminds us to surrender, let go and find balance in our lives.