Mood disorder therapy

Mood disorder therapy

Try the crystals listed in bold below first, then try the others. If there are more than two crystals with a + link between them, they should be used together. If you often target the same

Using the same crystal, the effect will be better and faster.

For all emotional disorders, carry or wear crystals at all times, and also hold or play with them in your hands. Place larger crystals in Spaces where you spend a lot of time (for example, your bedroom, living room, or work space). Follow the instructions of the individual crystals.

Note that this section mentions symptoms that may be associated with current or past stress

Force or trauma related. The immediate trauma can be soothed by gold, manganese, and associated pyrite and tree agate. Wounds and issues related to the past can be helped by Alexandrite, anhydrite, chalcedony, Bowen, dalmatian, heterolite, anorthine syenite, potassium mica, obsidian, powderite, elvite, and epidotite.

Childhood experiences affect you both consciously and unconsciously; Blue chalcedony, diamonds, opposites, powder and tourmaline crystals can help bring these experiences to the surface. They allow you to recognize and let go of bad experiences, or make the most of good ones, and understand the spiritual issues that the past may bring. Tianhe Stone, Lalima, assyenite and moonstone can help you relax during this process.

Emotional illnesses are often very upsetting, so you need to be completely calm before you can start dealing with them. The crystals that will be helpful in this situation include: alumino-copper plagiosilicate, Tianhe stone, amber, amethyst, Marine blue gem, East Rhombite, blue fluorite, blue agate, hematite, calcite (all types), damalinite, chromica, purple spodopene, kyanite, lipolite, malachite, manganese calcite symbiosis pyrite, Merlin stone, calcite, moonstone, Picasso marble, and grapevine Rose garnet, rose pyroxene, powder crystal, titanium crystal, serpentine, magnesite, soda stone, strawberry crystal, manganese zoisite, tiger's eye, tourmaline, tree agate, calcium chrome garnet, phosphorite and zircon. Amethyst can bring peace, while smoke crystal can provide a calming effect.


Physical, sexual, or verbal abuse

Hold amber or plaster for 30 minutes a day. If the underlying emotions start to flow and make you feel unhappy, do so every day, as it may take months for the inner wounds to heal. Green tourmaline and manganese cupolysis symbiotic pyrite may also be helpful. Blue chalcedony can be helpful in cases of child abuse.

Arithmetical deficiency (difficulty with mathematical calculations) Snowflake obsidian helps you do simple arithmetic.

Addictive behavior

Use amethyst and chalcedony. Aggressive behavior

Frangipanite, vermilion, Lalima and orange calcite can soothe feelings of aggression; amethyst and pink opal can suppress violent tendencies; and frangipanite (especially those with red inclusions) and emerald can soothe bad temper.


Diamonds, rutile, titanium, sapphire, and soda stone can help with the mental and emotional symptoms associated with aging. You can also try placing several coarse particles in the bath water and then relax, light a candle, and listen to soft music or meditation guided voice. Aluminium-copper, Alexandrite, aluminium-garnet, rabbittail and molybdenite can all encourage you to face life with a young mind.

Lose direction

Manganese zoisite can help you find your way in life * Anger and resentment

Cupola, amethyst, angelite, aragonite, bluestone, chlorite, topaz, diamond, gold, metapolite, alborite, sigite, magnetite, black garnet, karmica, olivine, smoke crystal, Shurite can relieve feelings ranging from mild boredom to rage. For a quick release of anger, hold chalcedony, albus, quartz, or snowflake obsidian as needed


Black garnet can reduce hatred towards each other.

Antisocial behavior

Use galena or pearls.


Aquamarine, turquoise, azurite/malachite, bluestone, calcite (all kinds), white lead, chalcedony, topaz, moss agate, lagerite, Picaso marble, rosacene, and black tourmaline all relieve anxiety.


Have no interest in things

Carnelian can restore your interest in daily life and activities.


It's easy to be excited and fearful at the same time. Bluestone helps you recognize and enjoy excitement; Anorthosyenite releases fear and allows you to move on.


Flint and calcareous garnet were used.

Entry. Feel bored

Quartz, topaz, garnet and manganal garnet are used.


Using phoenix stone and chalcedony. Lithium tourmaline can wash the heart with the energy of love.


Use gold, magnet and quartzite. Amethyst can help you deal with negative feelings about your responsibilities.

Lack of concentration

Tonhomite, hematite, and titanium quartz can all help you concentrate

Compulsive behavior

Chalcedony, purple spodumene and lepidolite are used.


Use Tianhe stone, beam jade, lightning pipe stone, silicated wood, pyrite, and snow-white quartz. Kyanite, lapis lazuli, and rabbit tail stone can help you concentrate longer.

Lack of confidence

Bronzing pyroxene, agate, bluenite, jade, moonstone, chlorophenite, and sukarite can enhance self-confidence. Potassium-mica and rabbit-tail stone can clear away self-doubt.


Apatite will clear your inner disorder. Ruby, magnet, rosaceite, and soda stone can all help you when you're wondering about anything in life.

Lack of control

Hawkeye, fire agate, moonstone, pearl and turtle back stone can all help you control your emotions when needed. However, emotional control is a short-term treatment and can cause mood disorders. Emotions ultimately need to be released, not retained and controlled.

Sexual frustration (poor mood due to prolonged sexlessness) chalcedony and powder.

Gender trait imbalance

We all have a female and a male side, and sometimes life events can cause an imbalance between the two, which can be restored by the following gems: amber, amethyst, apatite, rhomboxite, black striped agate, calcite, lapis lazuli, chalcedony, beryl, topaz, common opal, Dalmatian, Perspective stone, hematite, lapis lazuli, jasper, coal, Kyanite, lapis lazuli, maglite, Melinite, moonstone, nephrite, onyx, thorax, rubullite, rosacene, rhyolite, sphalerite, black meteorite, tiger's eye, tourmaline, turquoise, natroborite, and epidotite. superficiality

Zebra Gems can give you meaning and depth.


Tree agate is very gentle and can calm you physically, emotionally and spiritually, helping you regain your balance.


Smoke Crystal can help you identify potential real needs and the changes that need to be made to meet them. This can help you achieve a more prosperous and happy life


Barite can help you overcome fear and inspire courage.


Use Apache lacrimal stone, bluestone quartz and Herkimon diamonds.

Adrenal fatigue syndrome

You may be trying to do too many things and rushing around trying to be in too many places at once. Beryl, imperial topaz, rutile, rosaceite and topaz can be found at the source of the problem. If you're completely exhausted, fire protein can help recharge your energy.


Blue thread stone can help you be more flexible in your view of things.

Subliminal obstruction

Obsidian can help release energy trapped in your body or mind for no reason (usually related to past events or problems). Apache dachryite, bornite, Bowenite, galena, and epidotite can help you see the obstacles you've created and move forward in life.

Subconscious disturbance

Theoretically, we don't know anything about our subconscious mind, but these underlying thoughts can have negative consequences. Gravel backed opals and Picasso marbles can help us bring our latent thoughts to the surface of consciousness.

Keep your emotions grounded

When you are grounded, energy will flow freely through your body. Try the following method: Sit cross-legged on the floor

The remaining energy will flow out into the earth. This represents your subtle energy and the posture you feel comfortable holding a hematite in your hand

Balance will be maintained. On an emotional level, you will feel the mind focused on the gem · touching it and feeling its texture and wheels

Be present and in control. Short profile without grounding. Look at it and close your eyes. Imagine with your mind what it looks like

The effect is to feel uncomfortable. Many people will be nervous or upset. Do this several times to bring your awareness between the body and the ground

Things that don't bother you start to take a toll. You may be very much in contact with points that let the weight and tension you are burdened with sink to the bottom of your body - easily angry or unhappy. It then flows out through the body until the ground imagines itself as a plant and the long-term effect creates a slight energy imbalance, when you are no longer very helpful: the upper part of your body is very light, free and has

When they cannot bear it, it causes the whole mind to burn out, or become elastic, like stems and leaves; The lower part of the body is very heavy and has physical pain. However, if you establish the awareness that you are losing your connection to the ground like a strong, hard root of a tree. Prepare for the end. Ground or focus, you can take steps to reverse this by opening your eyes and standing up at a very slow pace.