mookaite jasper meaning

What is mookaite jasper

Mookaite jasper is a typical silicified product with variegated patterns, fine texture and high ornamental value. The yellow part contains limonite more yellow, and the red part contains hematite more red.

The name Mookaite jasper comes from the Australian Aboriginal word mooka, meaning running water. Mookaite is mainly produced in Western Australia and has many colors and dense quality. It is commonly known as mookaite jasper because of the "egg yolk" in the colors. There are thin banded junctions in rocks with higher overall hardness. With spherical and elliptical structures scattered throughout the matrix, mookaite jasper is often referred to as fossil-bearing sedimentary rock and silicified porcelain rock in geological circles.

It is relatively hard, with a hardness of 6.5-7, and is bright yellow to orange-yellow. The color is bright and varied, and may have spots or stripes of varying shades.

The healing properties of Mookaite jasper


Mookaite jasper can look beneath the surface of your emotions to help you discover the underlying problems. This stone can help you reach a stable and quiet state of mind, allowing you to let go of bad experiences, instilling in you confidence, enthusiasm, and a desire for new adventures and experiences. In addition, Mookaite strengthens your courage, allowing you to be fearless of hardships, embrace change more easily, and meet new challenges.


Mookaite has positive energy and by putting them under your pillow, they can be used to improve your health over time. The jewelry of this gemstone helps you to carry it with you because it will warn you of impending dangers. They can help with healing and may even help you slow down aging.


It is enough to make your mind become young, when your mind is young, life will never grow old. Elsewhere, we may age a little older, but Mookaite crystals are unbeatable when it comes to reducing the aging process. Keep an optimistic and youthful outlook on life.

How to clean mookaite jasper

Mookaite jasper can be polished, dried and treated to make it more durable. A soft brush or cloth can clean the crystal. Since the earth element governs mookaite jasper, it can be buried overnight in the soil, if you do not have a garden you can dig a three-inch freeze in the pot to bury it, or rinse it under running water for 10-20 seconds, if you wish, you can put it under water, but do not soak it for too long. Place the Mukat crystal under light for a day to remove any negative or dark energy from it. It loves the sun and is able to use the sun's healing rays to purify anything, which is in the best interest of the stone or its owner.

How to use mookaite jasper


The Mookaite japer stone may be just what you need to take the next step in healing and emotional growth. By using Mukat Jasper birthday stone for meditation, you can improve your problem-solving skills and flexibility. Mukat can be used to ground and connect with Mother Earth during meditation.

Use at home

Mookaite can help ward off all negative emotions, it comes in handy when moving or renovating a house, put in any corner of the home to protect our energy and make the environment relaxed.

Use at work

It can be placed on the desk in the office, and it helps us to recognize opportunities for change or improvement in the workflow and reduce the impact of distractions or obstacles. It keeps us from getting distracted from the task at hand by worrying about the future or previous failures.


The color of Mookaite jasper is extremely attractive and is ideal for jewelry, earrings, pendants and rings are often made from it. mookaite is often used to create beautiful figures and sculptures, as well as crystal balls and hair combs. It is placed around houses and offices to create good energy.