New Year, we started!

Ring out the old year and ring in the new


Welcome the spring and get to work


Today we started work


Best wishes for the Year of the Dragon


The Year of the Dragon brings good luck

Good flowers always come, good things always come. Your flower path is paved -- azaleas represent passion and joy. Phalaenopsis symbolizes luck and wealth. When we step into the company that moment, full of flowers bloom in front of us, feel the New Year spring breath!


The opening ceremony

The New Year is prosperous and everything is off to a good start. In order to let everyone devote themselves to the work with more enthusiasm, the company specially prepared the "open the door" ceremony for everyone

give best wishes

Management bosses to the small partners brought a surprise, they have sent sincere wishes for everyone, I hope you in the New Year, safe, prosperous, dragon year Wangwang!

Rip red packets

The company has prepared a "lucky luck" red envelope for everyone, and each red envelope is filled with a variety of surprises and blessings.