ocean jasper meaning and use

What is ocean jasper?

ocean jasper, also known as ocean stone. It is a variety of agate and chalcedony, mainly composed of silica, containing iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and other elements, forming a special color and texture, and showing a variety of colors according to the different elements contained. The fracture is shell-like, waxy or glassy.

This type of rhyolite is known for its color combinations, ranging from pale pink and white to dark green and black, and its spherical pattern resembles round jasper, earning it the widely accepted trade name "ocean jasper."

Healing properties of ocean jasper

Affective characteristic

When it comes to emotions, ocean jasper is a gem that makes people happy and helps to relieve negative emotions. It helps to release emotional barriers and people can more easily exert their intuition and creativity.

ocean jasper brings peace and balance to the mind and enhances mental clarity. ocean jasper is said to have a comforting energy that allows one to accept past experiences and move on with optimism.

Mental characteristic

ocean jasper as a tool to promote spiritual healing and growth. It is a gentle and relaxing stone that helps soothe and calm tense nerves. It is believed that the stone can enhance the connection with the spiritual realm and give people easier access to spiritual guidance.

Physiotherapy properties

If we need to do physical activities with strength, endurance and flexibility, we can use ocean jasper, which helps us find a steady rhythm, keeps us patient with the process, reminds us to rest and relax properly, and gives our muscles time to recover and repair. This is especially useful for people who are committed to exercise or training regiments and need to stay focused after the initial enthusiasm has waned.

How to use ocean jasper

Wear jewelry

Carry an ocean jasper with you to help you maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity and improve your communication skills and confidence. ocean jasper is known for its calming effects, and wearing jewelry allows you to connect with your jewelry throughout the day.

Use at home or at work

If you want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere at home or work, ocean jasper is a good choice. Placing ocean jasper in the corner of your home or work can block out negative emotions and make the environment calm and comfortable.



When you feel emotionally oppressed and need to let go, use ocean jasper during meditation. It reminds us to face life with an open heart and a state of peace.


How to clean and charge

When we first welcome it home, we need to clean it, and in the future, we should also regularly clean and charge it to ensure its normal energy output.

With a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7, ocean jasper is a water-resistant crystal, so you can clean the gemstone by placing it under running water. You can also use your preferred method of smoke purification, soil purification, sound purification or placing it under the full moon.