opalite meaning and effect

What is opalite

opalite contains many different powers because of its colorful flash, also known as opalite, which absorbs energy and sends it back to the source. opalite is an artificial glass that is similar to natural opalite and moonstone both in its appearance and in the unique way it interacts with light. Its chemical composition is mainly composed of silica and other minerals, giving it unique luminous and optical effects.

opalite can enhance communication and emotional expression and promote inner peace and tranquility. The use of opalite in spiritual and meditation practices is very beneficial because its gentle vibrations can promote a deep connection with the higher self.

Origin: Australia, Mexico, Ethiopia, United States and other places


Emotional therapy

Using Opalite helps balance emotions and reduces feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. This stone will bring positive feelings to your mental space.

Emotional balance

The harmonious energy of Opalite can stabilize the mood and help balance the mind. You can put opalite around during meditation to calm the mood.

Clean and charge the other stones

opalite gemstone is a beautiful gemstone that can be used for many purposes and can be used to clean and charge other stones. To clean your opalite stones, you need a mirror. Hold the opalite gemstone in your hand, then observe it in a mirror. Imagine all the negative emotions being pulled out of the stone and into the mirror. After this is done, you will need to charge your opalite gems.

To do this, hold it in your hand and imagine the white light entering the stone and filling it with positive energy. You can then use the opalite gemstone for any purpose you want.


opalite can help us engage in deep meditation and inner exploration more effectively, helping us to see and accept ourselves better, and is ideal for people who need long periods of relaxation to enter the meditative state, and the use of opalite can make this process easier.


Enhance inspiration

Using opalite can help us increase spiritual awareness, enhance intuition and insight, and it can help us better link to high latitude.

How to clean opalite

As with all crystals, opalite should be cleaned and recharged regularly, which helps remove any negative energy absorbed by the stone and rejuvenate it.

Our favorite way to clean and charge the opalite is to use the smudge method, to apply the opalite simply hold the stone in your hand and pass it through the smoke of a burning sage stick.