phantom quartz meaning and benefits

What is phantom quartz?

phantom quartz refers to the crystal growth process, which contains different colors of volcanic mud and other minerals. In the transparent white crystal, natural phenomena such as clouds, water plants, whirlpools and even pyramids appear. If the inner color is green, it is called green phantom quartz, and in the same way, red ghost, white ghost, green phantom quartz, etc. will be formed due to the change of color of the volcanic ash.

According to historical records, phantom quartz originated in ancient Egyptian times. At the time, they were seen as a bridge between life and death, a guide for pharaohs and nobles to enter the afterlife after death, and these crystals were set on tombstones and sarcophagi.

In the Middle Ages, European alchemists were convinced that crystals brought wealth and good luck.

The healing properties of phantom quartz

Psychotherapeutic properties

phantom quartz ensures you know your own enhanced abilities, it can also help you identify the true intentions of people who approach you, and sometimes you'll start to resist toxic people. It lays a solid foundation for your spirituality.

Physiotherapy properties

phantom quartz is known for being emotional and spiritual, but it also offers some unique physical properties, it can help detoxify, it is often used to help rid the body of toxins that can cause disease, it can boost the immune system and strengthen filtering organs such as the kidneys and liver to fight disease.

Affective therapeutic properties

phantom quartz plays a major role in emotional therapy by helping to unearth hidden emotions and traumas so that you can address and release them. One of the good things about this rock is that it reminds you that even after experiencing your greatest fears, there is still life to live.

How do I use phantom quartz?

At home or in the office

Using it in Feng shui to create positive energy for the whole home can enhance the energy of the room and drive away negative energy!

Put it on your desk to enhance your creative inspiration and bring benefits to your work.


Carry with you

You can buy smaller crystals, put phantom quartz in your pocket, or wear it as jewelry, and when you feel overwhelmed, grab the stone and let its energy reconnect you to the present moment. It can also be an excellent talisman for continuous recovery throughout the day.


One of the best ways of phantom quartz's healing power is to help with meditation, which you can hold in your hand or in the same room with you, and in whatever form it comes, it will continue to help you heal as you think about its meaning. One of the best ways to harness the healing powers of this crystal is through meditation.

How do I clean phantom quartz?

phantom quartz can be charged and purged using a variety of methods. Some of them include

Water: Place phantom quartz under natural running water, such as a stream or faucet, for a few minutes to purify its energy.

Salt: Place the crystal in a bowl of salt water overnight and let the purifying properties of the salt clean it.

Apply: Expose phantom quartz to sage or Palusanto smoke, allowing the smoke to surround it and remove any unwanted energy.

More crystal information

1. Is phantom quartz real?

Yes, phantom quartz is real. It is a type of quartz whose appearance is like a "phantom" of another crystal inside.

2. What does phantom quartz stand for?

People believe that phantom quartz symbolizes spiritual growth, change, and getting better.

3. How do I care for phantom quartz?

Although phantom quartz is a strong crystal, it is still important to care for it. You should avoid putting it in a very hot or very cold place, as this may cause damage to it.