pietersite meaning and use

What is pietersite?

pietersite is a rare gemstone known for its unique cat's eye effect. The natural type of this gemstone can be divided into four types: color, blue, gold and multi-color hybrid, of which 5 are mainly yellow and gold. The most gorgeous are the golden yellow and polychromatids, while the rarest and most precious are the dark blue varieties. The interior of the pietersite presents a silky glossy grain, forming a special reflective effect, which is known as the cat's eye effect. This is also the necessary unique structure for the pietersite to be used as a gem.

Therapeutic properties of pietersite

Physiotherapy properties

pietersite is a nervous system stone that stimulates the body to provide energy, helping to stimulate and strengthen nerves and the brain. It helps relieve headaches, nerve disorders, breathing difficulties, stomach pains and dizziness. pietersite is believed to relieve eye infections, and it can also improve long-distance focusing and night vision.

Psychotherapeutic properties

Connecting our daily and spiritual, pietersite reminds us of the spirit present in the human journey, pietersite holds the title of "Key to the Kingdom of Heaven", eliminating illusions and helping people to see the beauty of the soul. pietersite also improves mental activity and clarity.

Affective therapeutic properties

If you have pent-up emotions, pietersite is a great stone to help let emotions come out and heal bad emotions. For those who are stuck and unable to make progress, it is an excellent way to remove stagnant energy, restore enthusiasm for the future, give people a new direction, and encourage people to take action to achieve new goals.

How to use pietersite


Meditation with pietersite is very useful, it can be highly linked to the spiritual realm, allowing meditation to achieve the desired results.


For home or office use

pietersite can be used as a home or office decoration. It can bring emotional stability, enhance memory, and relieve fatigue, and when you're currently in a state of chaos at home or in the workplace, having a pietersite nearby may help.


Carry with you

pietersite can be used as a necklace, bracelet and various other jewelry pieces, it is considered a highly protective stone, suitable for carrying around, especially when traveling, to help you bring good luck. It can also help those who are dealing with difficult experiences and feelings because of its reinforcing and emotionally healing properties.

It helps people enhance intuition, when there is a danger nearby, we can sense it in time, raise awareness, and avoid the attack of danger.

Gemstone identification

1. Good quality Pietersites usually appear in brilliant yellow, gold or blue tones. These bright colors and unique luster, compared with ordinary gems, high-quality pietersite crystals have clear lines, no impurities, and the overall texture is uniform, showing a bright and complete color.

2.pietersite Each has a sinuous grain, which makes it easy to identify, almost no fake, pietersite is a variant of tiger's eye stone.

Gemstone precautions

The hardness of the pietersite is about 7, and it falls or produces cracks and scratches at a certain height. So we must be careful when wearing drastic actions and when not wearing, do not put it on high, pietersite is taboo chemicals, so that pietersite and other gem crystals contact chemical reagents, they will have a certain corrosion damage.