Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties and Meaning

What is Pink Tourmaline?

Pink Tourmaline is a variant of tourmaline, a mineral that comes in raw, clear and opaque forms, and it is often associated with quartz and other tourmaline colors in a pale pink to bright pink. It is sometimes polished together and then called pink tourmaline quartz. It is a wonderful stone of self-love and romantic love. It has a cozy warm energy and is very safe and inviting.

The healing properties of Pink Tourmaline

Psychotherapeutic properties

Pink Tourmaline is a great stone of courage that helps us gain the courage to love, inviting us to nourish the consciousness of love in all aspects of our lives. It purifies the emotional body, infuses love and spirituality, inspires receptivity to healing energy and spiritual wisdom, and brings tenderness and compassion to the human nature. It contributes to peace and understanding, awareness and trust. Pink Tourmaline helps us to stay calm and hopeful while also helping us to make the necessary lifestyle changes so that we can enjoy good health for many years to come

Physiotherapy properties

Pink Tourmaline is a powerful stone that helps the body in addition to its healing properties for the mind and feelings. It helps balance the dysfunctional endocrine system and may help treat lung and skin conditions.

Pink Tourmaline helps to calm and soothe the heart, helping to treat angina, irregular heartbeat and recovery from heart attacks. Pink tourmaline is beneficial for treating all gynecological diseases, especially regulating the menstrual cycle to make conception easier. It is also thought to provide support for girls and boys approaching puberty

Affective therapeutic properties

Over time, bad emotions and old wounds accumulate in the body, causing a burden on the body, Pink Tourmaline can help purify the emotional body, it releases depression, anxiety, stress and worry, and channels these emotions into self-love.

Pink Tourmaline inspires happiness and joy, calm and relaxation. Pink tourmaline encourages us to love deeply, whether that means loving again or courageously loving for the first time. In romantic relationships, Pink Tourmaline inspires passion, loyalty and respect. It can be used to attract new relationships as well as stimulate existing ones and help us to be kind, charming, witty and easy to love. Pink Tourmaline teaches us to practice thorough self-love and self-care every day.

How to use Pink Tourmaline


Hold or place the Pink Tourmaline on the heart wheel in meditation and imagine the pink glow radiating from the gemstone and completely surrounding the body. This injects love into the whole emotional body and restores a sense of wholeness

At home or in the office

Place Pink Tourmaline crystals in your home or office to create positive and peaceful energy Spaces, and place a Pink Tourmaline crystal in your child's room to help ensure they are safe and protected.

Jewelry wearing

Pink Tourmaline can be made into beautiful accessories, we choose our favorite style, wear Pink Tourmaline jewelry to promote love, compassion and understanding.

Carry with you

Carry a Pink Tourmaline stone with you to encourage positive energy and a sense of well-being.

How to clean Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a high atmosphere crystal, suitable for all chakras, with a very high frequency, which we need to clean and charge regularly to ensure that the frequency of the crystal is full of energy.

Cleaning Pink Tourmaline is very simple, soaking a stone in running water for about a minute will both clean and recharge many hard stones. It is always best to use natural spring water, but as long as the stone can be completely submerged, the tap can also be used. You can also place them in a fountain and let water flow over the stones. After removing the stone from the water, dry it with a soft cloth.


Unique and dazzling with a variety of fantastic effects, Pink Tourmaline is a great choice for those looking for something special, whether you want to spice up your wardrobe with something beautiful, positive and versatile. Or just want to add a little bit of Pink Tourmaline's loving energy and vibe, these gems are excellent choices.