Precautions for crystal maintenance

Your gems, jewelry and healing crystals are also valuable items that we need to cherish and care for, they may be made of hard minerals formed over several years of geological processes, but that does not mean they are unbreakable or indestructible. Regardless of their shape or texture, they are still susceptible to external pressures and natural factors.

When the crystal is used for healing, it needs to be degaussed and purified after each use, and if it is used for meditation, it only needs to be degaussed before the first use. Otherwise, the positive information inside will be eliminated altogether. Crystals constantly absorb and release energy from nature, and when the crystal surface is covered with dust or oil stains, the crystal's ability to absorb energy will also be greatly affected, so it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning work. I hope you can love the crystal, so that the crystal will naturally extend the life and continue to play the maximum effect. Here are some methods:

1. If there are many crystals in the home, regular ventilation should be used to transform negative energy, so that fresh air flows through the crystal and shocks out a more balanced high-frequency energy field.


2. Regular bubbles of natural mountain spring water, at home with a basin or bathtub to put cool boiled water, with conditions to pour mineral water, put in a bubble (not suitable for cyanite, emerald stone, through gypsum, black tourmaline, blue phosphorus ash, purple carp hui, Tianhe stone and other crystals) go out to play with natural mountain spring water is better.

3. Regularly take natural essential oil drops on their body, especially for dry large, natural unpolished raw stone ornaments, each drop 2-5 drops, depending on the size. If you don't have essential oils, use skin care oils, and whatever your body can rub, they can rub. Crystal loves essential oils. For polished or unpolished small pieces of crystal, any big-name expensive essential oil can not be as moisturizing and warm as the body oil naturally secreted by your palm, and more touch them is the best nourishment

4. Often put in a place with light to absorb light energy (except for white crystal, other crystals can not be exposed to direct sunlight. Just put it in a bright place.

What to note:

1. Degaussing regularly

If the crystal is often worn, it can be degaussed regularly. Remove the crystal and put the crystal in the crystal cluster or rinse it under the faucet for a few minutes to degausse the crystal so as not to weaken its effect because it is not purified.

2. Stay out of the sun

No matter what type of crystal, it can not be placed in the sun exposure, because the crystal is mostly metal metal color, by exposure to the crystal color will gradually fade, if you must sun, you can put the crystal in a place where the light is not strong, but be careful not to sun for too long.

3. Don't bump

In the usual process of wearing the crystal, you should be careful to care, body movements should be gentle, so that the crystal will not fall to the ground with the shaking of the body, and the crystal will be cracked or broken after collision

Fragile stones


Moonstone is considered to be the most vulnerable to fragmentation of the gemstone it is extremely brittle made of jewelry, a little careless will be broken, so wearing toys require certain skills.


Similar to moonstone, Topa stone has a complete cleavage that breaks parallel to the axial plane of the bottom, so the grinding surface cannot be parallel to the cleavage plane when grinding and polishing, otherwise it is easy to crack along the cleavage direction. Topa toughness is poor, brittleness is high, very afraid of knocking, beating, this should always pay attention to in wearing.


Tourmaline is not very brittle. Tourmaline beads are easy to break according to the merchant, this is because the production of this kind of jewelry tourmaline raw materials generally have many cracks, this crack may become more obvious in the processing process, and wear each other bump, so fragile