pyrite meaning and use

What is pyrite

pyrite is produced by volcanic activity, and the crystal shape is complete, as if it were cut to form a cube or dodecahedron. pyrite is an equiaxed healing stone that gathers all energy and cleans all negative energy, thus helping the wearer to feel focused and clear. pyrite has a large amount of iron, which is believed to create life energy, assist physical health, and more importantly bring the integrity of the biomagnetic energy field, which is especially suitable for people who often feel influenced by the outside world or are easily distracted.

How to use pyrite

The user can place pyrite on the solar plexus, especially when the stomach is upset, to help the body concentrate energy. pyrite is also commonly used when a lot of memorization or memorization is required because it helps us focus and enhance memory. pyrite also fits on the back to protect the energy of the spine and relieve muscle soreness.

Use pyrite in crystal mesh

You can combine pyrite and other crystals to create a grid so that the divine geometry will help amplify the crystal energy and help you focus in intent. To create a grid, place a piece of pyrite in the center of the grid and surround it with other resonating crystals, such as topaz, green Dongling stone, and clear quartz.

How to clean pyrite

It is important to clean and charge the crystal regularly to maintain the energy properties of the crystal. You can leave pyrite crystals in sunlight or moonlight, or you can apply them to clean pyrite.

To charge a pyrite, hold it in your hand and imagine it filled with positive energy and light.

What are the potential benefits of pyrite

pyrite is best used for thinking about one's own sense of worth. This amazing mineral can also help attract wealth and prosperity. If this is your intention, you can place the sample in the far left corner of your home, which is the thriving part of the Feng shui map.


pyrite meditation

First, find a quiet place and sit or lie down in a comfortable position, put the pyrite in your hand, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, imagine the pyrite emitting light, and inject energy into your body, repeat the mantra or affirmation, such as "I am healthy" "I am safe"