Rainbow fluorite meaning and use

What is rainbow fluorite

Rainbow fluorite its main is calcium fluoride, containing more impurities, the rainbow fluorite in nature often shows bright colors, low hardness, rainbow fluorite is a kind of fluorite, it has a variety of colors, this stone has white, purple, green, blue and other swirled. They combine to create a beautiful milky look. At the same time, the translucent finish reveals the original beauty of the stone under the action of light.

Rainbow fluorite is most commonly found in China, Mexico and the United States. It is a popular mineral among collectors and jewelry makers.

Rainbow fluorite has magical healing properties that can cleanse your soul and clear your mind of garbage. This stone is one of the most popular halo cleaners in the world and loves to clear away those smoky uncertainties so you can make decisions based on truth and clarity. For those who struggle with direction, those who are easily bound by worry, and those who need a little help with self-love and self-confidence, fluorite brings magical healing powers to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

How to use rainbow fluorite

Use at work.

Rainbow fluorite is an excellent "get to work" crystal when you want to focus or use your wits. So, she recommends "placing rainbow fluorite on your desk, or somewhere else in your workspace where you see it often." Each time you do this, remind yourself of your intention to go to work, and if you often find yourself overwhelmed or stressed by the workload, you can also choose to use rainbow fluorite at work. The energy of fluorite can quickly get rid of your anxious state of mind and restore your body's stable energy. When you return to work, even just holding a fluorite stone for a short period of rejuvenating breathing exercise can dramatically improve your focus and attitude.

Carry it with you.

When you are out and about, take some rainbow fluorite with you to help you stay stable and remind you to stay calm and carry on. It is recommended to wear jewelry such as a bracelet or necklace, or to carry Rainbow fluorite stones, which are small and smooth stones compact enough to slip into your pocket, bra or bag.

Decoration and jewelry

Rainbow fluorite is a popular gemstone that can be cut and polished into convex faces, beads and faceted gems for making amazing rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Skilled artists utilize the unique color patterns of rainbow fluorite to create intricate carvings and sculptures that add a touch of magic to any space. Polished board and ground stone are used in decorative items such as bookends, paperweights and coasters to bring life to any room.


This is the perfect stone for meditation. It will help you shift from a crazy or worried state of mind to a calm and focused mind. To use fluorite in meditation, find a quiet area in your home and sit or lie flat on the ground. Then hold a fluorite in each hand. Visualize the gentle fluorite energy moving through your body, cleansing your chakras and filling you with calming vibrations. Meditate with the energy of fluorite for 11 minutes, or longer if needed.

How to clean rainbow fluorite

Whatever the crystals are, they need a little cleansing every now and then to keep them on top of the power game. While crystals don't need to be cleaned every time you use them or even every week or month, just taking a little time to clean and recharge every few months can do wonders for your gems. Fluorite is a relatively soft gemstone, one of the best and easiest ways to keep fluorite clean and charged is to let it bask in the sun, placed on an indoor windowsill for at least 24 hours, it absorbs the healing powers of the sun and moon, rejuvenating the stone, another option is to run under clear water for a few minutes, using a microfiber cloth to wipe it clean. Avoid soaking the stone for more than a minute. Some forms of fluorite are porous, so if you let it soak for too long, you may eventually damage it.

Therapeutic benefit


The properties of rainbow fluorite promote internal harmony. Even in the midst of chaos and confusion, it produces a sense of unbridled calm. This stone encourages you to truly evaluate the world so that you can see the world and life honestly and truly.


Many tend to use this stone as a solution to stressful and restless states, and many say that this stone can reduce the frequency and intensity of stress-induced headaches. They found they slept better and had less acne. The natural calm nature of stone can also have a wider impact. The energy of the stone can even lower blood pressure. In theory, it can help you avoid potentially dangerous spikes by maintaining inner peace and balance


The beauty of rainbow fluorite can bring a wonderful sense of calm to your life and aura.

Help calm the mind and emotions, and you'll feel like you're able to breathe again and face any problem or chore you've been putting off with clarity and determination.