Rhodochrosite meaning and use

What is Rhodochrosite

Rhododendrite, also known as rhododendrite, is a carbonate ore of manganese, often containing iron, calcium, zinc and other elements and these elements tend to replace manganese, so pure manganese is difficult to see, is the national stone of Argentina, also called Argentina stone, "Inca rose", has the title of "God of love".

place of origin.

The main countries are the United States, Peru, Madagascar, Mexico, South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, Romania, Japan and China


1. Calming emotions: Rubric has the effect of soothing emotions, allowing the wearer to keep a calm mood at all times, relieve irritability and worry, and reduce negative emotions

2. Cultivate an inclusive mindset: Rubric can help us maintain a tolerant mindset, and have an open and tolerant attitude toward things and people around us, making communication smoother and reaching a consensus

3. Enhance the relationship between husband and wife: rubric has a role in enhancing the relationship between husband and wife, giving rubric to each other between husband and wife or couples can better convey love, deepen feelings, it can guide the ability to open their hearts, actively express love, and stimulate love.

4. Enhance self-confidence: redstone exudes a charming light, can enhance the wearer's self-confidence, relieve negative emotions, enhance affinity, make it more attractive, and powder crystal different, redstone focus on practice and action, to help people improve self-confidence, towards the goal,

5. Enhance creativity: Rubric can bring creativity and inspiration, make us more insightful and judgmental in artistic creation and decision-making, it can open our thinking, make us more knowledgeable and creative,

How to clean Rhododendrite

Any gem brought home, the first use of the crystal needs to be cleaned and charged, and then periodically cleaned and charged according to the frequency of use

1. Place the rubric in front of you and light a candle. Visualize a white light emanating from the flame and surrounding the stone, removing any negative energy from the stone. As you do this, focus on the intent of cleaning and purifying the stone.

2. To purify rubric with soil, bury it in a garden or a pot with soil for 24 hours.

3. First place the rubric in a safe place, such as a windowsill or balcony, where it will be exposed to the light of the full moon. Leave it overnight and let the moonlight bathe in its clean energy.