Rose quartz meaning and use

Rose quartz

Rose quartz alias "rose crystal" or called "Aphrodite stone", is a representative of romantic beauty. It's a collective of pink crystals, occasionally hexagonal columns. Giving powder to a friend or lover is equivalent to transmitting positive energy of goodwill.

Origin: Brazil, India, Madagascar, South Africa and other places

Related signs: Taurus, Libra

Chakra: Heart chakra


1. The main development of the heart wheel, strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, can relax the nervous mood, relieve the irritable mood, make the heart broad,

Improve your irritable and forthright personality.

2. The jewel of love can enhance the pink light in its own aura, and pink light is also the color of love displayed by the goddess of love.

It can promote love luck and bring good relationships.

3. Enhance popularity, idea places or places where people enter and exit channels, arrange powder crystals, can establish good public relations and promote business.

4. It can promote the harmony of interpersonal relations.

5. It can improve the relationship between lovers during the cold War.

6. With body healing function, promote blood circulation, improve immunity, balance endocrine, regulate sleep.


1. Avoid sun exposure, which will lead to the loss of powder crystal color.

2. Degaussing regularly

3. Watch for bumps