sardonyx meaning and Benefits

What is sardonyx

sardonyx is a kind of red agate, which has the same braided stripes of red and white like silk, and is the best among agates.

It is a semi-precious stone containing a variety of chalcedony components. The stone body has parallel straight stripes, often with bright colors. It is found under volcanic cavitation.

Some sardonyx are red and white, some blue and white, some black and white, or wide as a ribbon, or thin as silk, extremely beautiful. sardonyx is also a variety often used in jade carving. Hardness 7-5.5 degrees, specific gravity 2.65. sardonyx is also a member of the crystal family. It is a cryptocrystalline group, a polycrystalline aggregate. Its six-hedral crystals are very small and can be seen through a microscope.

place of origin.

sardonyx is mostly produced in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Uruguay, China and other regions, these sardonyx is characterized by brown and white patterns, and the ripples are relatively smooth, and some people call it "Persian agate".

Application of sardonyx

sardonyx is often used as a raw material for making Go pieces. Weiqi seeds are polished using high-quality natural black and white agate, modern technology and traditional jade cutting technology, cut and set, and then polished by hand.

Finally, every piece you see is made step by step through a dozen processes, which is expensive and rare. And natural sardonyx go, there is a certain collection value.

Formation of sardonyx

sardonyx is mainly produced in the stomata and caves of basic extrusive rocks and is a low temperature hydrothermal colloidal mineral. But also occurs in debris, slope deposits and alluvium.

Benefits of sardonyx


Gemstones are perfect for meditation. You can use it in yoga, Tai Chi, 0r Qigong classes. During these meditation exercises, gemstones block things that might interfere or distract you from your activities. It can drive away negative thoughts and unwanted noise.



Silk naux is a good protective gemstone. For this reason, soldiers used to carry this gem. It is also believed to be a stone that provides high energy spiritual protection. In this way, gems also protect you from negative energy and mental attacks.


Stones help cleanse the body, thereby improving intestinal health. In particular, it helps with intestinal problems. The gem helps cleanse the body of any toxins that may be present.

Relieve stress

sardonyx is said to promote feelings of calm and inner peace, making it a great stone for those dealing with stress and anxiety.

How to clean your sardonyx stone

Taking good care of your gemstone is important to preserve its beauty and maintain its healing properties. You can place the gemstone under running water for a few seconds, then wash the agate using soapy and warm soapy water and a soft brush, which will help wash away any dirt or negative energy that may have accumulated on the stone, and finally wipe it clean with a soft cloth

It is worth noting that sardonyx is a relatively durable gem, but it is still best to avoid harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. With a little care and attention, your gems will continue to bring beauty and healing to your life for years to come.


How can sardonyx tell

1, pattern and color The color of natural agate is bright and bright, while the color and halo of false agate are relatively poor, which is very obvious. The color of natural agate is more bright and distinct, and the ribbon pattern is also more obvious. The imitation of the fake agate color is more beautiful, uniform, will give people a very false feeling

2, the texture of false sardonyx is mostly placed in stone, compared with the natural agate texture is softer. Using a knife to carve on its surface will leave traces, while natural agate will not 3, transparency Natural agate permeability is less than the synthetic number, and there will be chaos, some will see a more natural water line or clouds, and synthetic agate transparency is very good, like a glass ball as transparent