selenite meaning and use&benefit

What is a selenite?

selenite has a silky glow, translucent with a milky halo, and is often used in lighting art in European craft. It has a slender and beautiful appearance, but because it is too hard, it can not become a gem grade mineral.

Nevertheless, it still uses high-frequency energy fluctuations to serve humanity. selenite is a variety of the selenite family that forms columnar or sheet crystals. Because it is very fragile, it must be carefully stored to avoid moisture as much as possible. The name comes from Selene, the ancient Greek god of the moon. The ancient Greeks believed that this mineral was associated with the energy of the full moon, and many crystal healers collected selenite, believed to enhance the power of desire or magic.

The meaning of selenite

Natural Healing Crystal "selenite" It is known as the art of nature, containing deep energy and spirituality, to bring people physical and mental balance and healing. selenite crystal is often seen as a gem that can harmonize emotions, purify energy, and enhance inspiration.

This magical crystal, with its translucent appearance, gives off a soft glow, like a painting of nature. It is believed to have the ability to calm emotions and help people relieve anxiety, stress and negative emotions. Whether in a busy life or under the pressure of work, selenite crystal can bring peace and relaxation.

The corresponding chakra

selenite corresponds to the chakra, which can heal mental problems caused by weakness or lack of energy in the chakra, and can be very helpful for emotional problems. In addition to letting the energy relax and stabilize, it can also make the top wheel energy integration no longer feel divided.

Therapeutic properties of selenite


selenite stimulates potential, removes negative energy and heals wounds, a very good healing stone. Helps to eliminate emotions, resolve conflicts and disputes, and quickly restore calm.


A selenite crystal is a protective stone that acts as a shield for people or Spaces. Used to scan the aura. Sweeping a clear selenite crystal stick away from your body, up and down, back and forth at least three times, will protect your aura and prevent negative energy from trying to enter. It can be used to clear our aura, chakras, and other energy fields, and is a great tool for divination, meditation, and indoor grids. selenite is a wonderful crystal ally that enhances positive affirmation and performance. It helps us see our goals as clearly as possible and frame them using positive language.


selenite is suitable for therapists who need to channel good energy into the body. It fills the body with sparkling pure high-vibrational energy that makes us feel clean, calm and hopeful, and selenite can also be used as a high-energy laser to break down dangerous barriers and cut out harmful growths, such as cancer. However, when used in this way, it is important that the energy work is done alongside traditional medicine. selenite's energy is protective, so it requires us to choose wisely when our bodies need medical care. It is an excellent talisman for the spine and is highly recommended for anyone working on improving flexibility. It is also a sweet talisman for people who suffer from seizures.

Usage method

For sleep

The average user can put selenite next to the pillow to make sleep smoother and reduce nightmares, because it will relax our brain and won't feel any tension during sleep.

In the healing work

Perselenite can be placed on the area in need of healing, so that hidden negative energy and wounds gradually emerge, and clean up the negative energy.

For use at work and at home

Placing selenite crystals in the home or office can effectively improve the energy quality of the environment and create a more harmonious space. selenite crystals can be used to set up a protective net around the house. When placing transparent selenite in various corners of the house, it can create a safe and peaceful space. The influence of any external factors is difficult to enter

Charge the other crystals

selenite crystal can transform energy and purify it, so there is no need for special cleaning and charging. On the contrary, other crystals can be placed on selenite crystal to charge and obtain energy.