Spiritual fortified crystal

We all follow a unique life soul path, and when we walk on this path, energy flows, life moves forward, and we feel healthy and happy. When we stray off the path, energy comes to a standstill, life skews or recedes, and we feel stressed and tense. If you are unsure of your path and purpose in life, barite, cobalt calcite, staphylite, stibnite, Schurite, manganese zoisite, and titanium quartz can provide direction. Pink opal is a good gem to start your spiritual journey with, it will promote your awakening. If you feel behind on the road, gloss obsidian is the right choice. Amethyst, clear fluorite, Hindu sacred stone and obsidian can help you bring spiritual experiences into the real world and everyday life; Amethyst will bring understanding insight. Gravel backed opals, cobalt calcite, rainbow obsidian and tree agate can help you see the good in everything. It is recommended to try bold gemstones first and then try other kinds.

Spiritually enhanced Crystal access Akashic records

The Guardians of the database of Angel Light Crystal, Merlin Stone, Star Cloud Stone, Peter Stone, Sapphire and Red Stone can help you access this mysterious knowledge.


Contact angels and guides

Angel aqua Crystal, angel stone, lapis Lazuli, goethite, and sanilite strengthen your connection to the Angelic realm.

Purifying air field

The aura records everything that happens in your life, and sometimes the "dark elements" of energy present themselves in the form of illness, stress, or a combination of both. Energy normally flows through the aura and these dark elements disappear, but when such mechanisms are not present, the areas of the body where the dark elements are gathered feel uncomfortable. Carry or wear Heavenly river stone, angel water crystal, water light crystal, coral, gold (Jewelry gold is an alloy · the effect is not good in this situation; Recommended are small nuggets of gold or gold in quartz), amethyst, Bagel, gravel-backed opal, topaz, clear fluorite, sodium-magnesite tourmaline, garnet, azel bluestone, jasper, dilithite, pyrolusite, rainbow obsidian, arganite, Bi and zircon.


Protects the aura from unwanted energy

It is also acceptable to carry or wear diamonds from agate or diamond jewelry accessories, but do not use jewelry with special meanings such as love, loyalty and devotion.

Steady aura (feeling "wobbly")

Carry or wear coral or feldspar and keep a gem by your bed.

Enhanced aura

If you want to strengthen the energy field, you can carry or wear agate or zircon

Spiritual concentration

A state of inner peace where you can clearly observe what is happening around you. Aquamarine, ferromanganese, bagel (a pair), galena, green opal and purple spodumene can help you reach this state. These gems are helpful for people who feel like they're constantly in action and can't pause. These stones do not stop you from doing things, but allow you to take a break from the busy (you can find a certain comfort in your inner self). Continued use of these gems helps to find a deeper meaning in life.

Spiritual ritual

Beryl, white lead, chalcedony, gypsum, kyanite, morganite or cross stone can enhance the sense of ritual. Carry them, or place them in sacred Spaces or areas where rituals are performed. Blue agate, Herkimon diamonds and kyanite can enhance the process of energy reception. The Smoke Crystal will protect you from unwanted energies that may arise,


All crystals work on your chakra/energy system. Apatite and Bagel (one letter) can balance all your energy centers. Greenfluorite is great for detoxification; Sea sapphire removes obstacles. Kyanite aligns the major chakras; Pulling feldspar promotes the flow of energy between the aura and the chakra.

Ancestral connection

Abalone shell, bowen jade, obsidian and caragate can connect you to your roots.

Connect with God

The High Spirit or higher energy has many names: God, deity, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Tao, universal life Energy, Omniscient, and so on. Amethyst, manganite, bluestone, chalcopyrite, fire agate, gold, onyx, sanite, white quartz, Tibetan crystal, Luzonite, and ruby can strengthen your connection to the High Spirit or Plan. Through emerald, emerald, emerald spodumene and tiger's eye, you can enhance your understanding of the spiritual experience

Connect with the soul

The use of aluminite, amethyst, angelite, rubizoisite, fisheye, Sphaerite, barite, blue fluorite, bluestone, carnelian, fire agate, goethite, kyanite, morganite, dilithite, sapphire, Shuurite, sunstone, Danquanite, and molybdenite helps to feel the soul guide and the essence of all living things.

Mind protection

Our psychic energy faces a daily battle. Deliberate aggression or casual words, unthinking judgments, gestures and negative thoughts from others. They bring you down.

Energy expenditure can also be a less noticeable condition. People who work as therapists and caregivers. You may pick up pain and even symptoms from the customers you deal with every day, but you don't have to be a caregiver to experience similar feelings, and people around you who are dumping their own problems on you may also make you feel low. Neighbors who pass by your house for a few minutes to an hour can inadvertently take away your energy, leaving you feeling tired and exhausted. Certain crystals can make these things never happen to you again.

Try any of the following gems: Angel Aquamarine Crystal, Aquamarine crystal, black calcite, black obsidian, Brazilian agate, cassiterite, Dalmatian, Diamond, sodio-magnesite, fire agate, jade, purple spodumene, magnetite, nephrite, obsidian, pyrite, rutile, block sphalerite, black bilite , sphalerite, fine ink quartz, Cross stone, and bilite . Drinking Angelstone crystal water daily will also help. Amber and coal jade can protect you from violence: The combination of red jasper and coal jade can protect you from witchcraft. Chrysoberyl protects everything when you leave your family, car, or house. It is the perfect gem to keep in your home when you are away from home. The stone allows you to stay alert and avoid danger; Body agate keeps you from getting involved in crime, stibnite protects you from "evil spirits," and smoke Crystal sends malice back to its source. Therefore, anyone who sends such an idea will be immediately attacked, accelerating karma!


Use empty SPAR, barley stone, garnet, kyanite, ruby and sapphire.


Use fisheye, ruby, silver, tiger's eye and topaz.


Lapis lazuli, green opal, jade, kyanite, lapis lazuli, anorthine syenite, Czech meteorite, magic stone, grape stone, red jasper, ruby and fairy crystal can all help you dream and remember your dreams. Kyanite, anorthine syenite, malachite and smoke crystal can help interpret dreams.

Life fortified crystal

Abundance, money and wealth

Water arsonite, amethyst, vermilion, citrine, diamond, perspective stone, garnet, gold, moss agate, lipolite, beryllium, ruby, fairy crystal, sunstone, black meteorite, tiger's eye topaz, tourmaline, and green tourmaline all contribute to the acquisition of wealth and material. Citrine is known as a "money gem" that can attract wealth, and you can carry a crystal in your pocket or purse. Amethyst, vermillion, and ruby can help you focus on money-related matters. Viola and stibnite help with financial management. If you have a problem with substance addiction, try using Lalimah to let the urge pass

Avoid accidents

If you often encounter accidents - jade, pyrite and reverse watermelon tourmaline can protect you.

Facilitating action

Carry or wear beryl · or place it in your work area.

Ambitions, dreams, goals and ideals

Blue crystals can balance your ambitions, remind you to keep your feet on the ground when you're thinking big, and add motivation and direction where you need it (" need ", not "want"). If you are looking for a more fulfilling lifestyle, achromaline, amber, Bowenite, blue albite, copper blue, dalmalinite, perspective stone, alborite, jade, jasper, obsidian, alborinite, and vanadite can help. Amethyst, vermilion, ruby, topaz, and green 壐 all contribute to your success.

Animal therapy and communication

Rainforest Jasper helps heal animals and Bagel helps communicate with animals

Feel grateful

The star marble will help you to understand the value of obedience in all things, which will stimulate your compassion for people, the environment, and the universe.


Spinel can brighten your appearance and personality.

Best trait

Chrysoberyl and zircon can bring out your best qualities in any situation. The Asestrelite will help you make the most of every situation you face.

Left and right brain balance

Bornite, diamonds, rabarite and tourmaline bring about a state of harmony between the left and right brain, helping to bring together wisdom and intuition, science and magic.

New challenge

Tourmaline can help you face new challenges and give you strength and courage. It will open your mind, reap the benefits of challenges, tests, and help you see further.


Metamorphosed quartz allows you to see the changes needed in your lifestyle and make them happen. Opposites and violets can ease the process of change and calm your mood, And gently wash your heart with healing energy - amethyst, amethyst, Apachian lacrimal, black striate agate, Bowen jade, white lead, void SPAR, diamond, perspective stone, garnet, lipolite, moonstone, Picazo marble, pyrolusite, rhyolite, ruby, calcite gloss obsidian, titanium quartz and conical spiral agate can also promote change. Chromite can help you ease the huge changes that are taking place in your life.

Coping with children

Magic Stone helps you cope with the needs of children.

Communication and expression

These crystals are helpful when speaking and writing: angelite, apatite, water crystal, sea blue treasure, barite, blue calcite, Blue chalcedony, blue agate, blue opal, blue topaz, blue pan, lightning pipe, chrysoberyl, albarite, blue tourmaline, kyanite, lapis lazuli, purple fluorite, reverse watermelon tourmaline, blue silanite, soda stone, Danquanite, topaz and turquoise. Magic stone can improve communication skills = Cobalt helps to communicate and blue stone can help you connect the thoughts in your heart. Barite helps you explain your thoughts. And colorless tourmaline can enhance the ability to express deep thinking. With the help of the smoke crystal, body language can be accurately expressed, and the flint can help you understand others. Crystals, tortoiseshell stones and Luzon stones can make public speaking easier.