Strawberry quartz meaning and use

Strawberry quartz

Strawberry crystal is the common name of the Stolo pear crystal, because the appearance is more like the color of strawberries, and the natural sediment inside is very similar to strawberry seeds, and the strawberry crystal is also named.

Strawberry crystal belongs to quartz jade, the same quartz jade varieties and agate, chalcedony, etc., the appearance will be different, the main components are quartz. The "strawberry seeds" in the strawberry crystals are mainly red mica flakes, and there is a sarsaric effect in the starlight strawberry crystals, the flake glitter is Muscovite flakes.

Efficacy: It can mainly enhance the love fortune, help to attract a good marriage, and can increase personal charm

Wearing strawberry crystals can help to enhance interpersonal relationships, improve interpersonal communication, and increase performance. Strawberry crystal main development heart wheel, for poor execution of the baby, can be passive to active.


Origin: South Africa

Related sign: Libra

Corresponding chakra: top chakra

Note: The hardness of strawberry crystal is low, so avoid bumping when wearing, so as not to leave scratches and affect the appearance. In addition, strawberry crystals are colored crystals, so avoid direct sunlight and long-term soaking as much as possible.