The benefits of crystal and vibration

Crystal vibration

The following simple experiment will allow you to observe how crystals transfer tiny amounts of energy.

  1. Place a white crystal 2 to 5 cm away from the palm of your hand and align the vertex with the palm of your hand.
  2. Let the crystal draw small circles in the direction of the clock. You will see a point of light directly in front of the crystal or on the bevel side. As you move the crystal, this spot of light will follow on the palm of your hand, and the more transparent the crystal is, the easier it is to observe.

Now try the second experiment and feel the energy of the crystal.

  1. Close your eyes and stand with your hands out in front of you, palms up.
  2. Ask your friend to place a white crystal about 2-5 meters away from one of your palms

Position the crystal with the apex facing your palm, then slowly rotate the crystal. Notice if one of your palms feels different.

While it's hard to put energy into words, it's doable no matter how you describe the feeling. You can pay attention to some physical sensations, such as the sensation of one of the palms It is warm, cool, heavy, light, itchy, etc. Pay attention to your inner feelings

Held a few feet from your hand, sometimes these sensations are very subtle. However you choose to describe the crystal Points where you might Feel the presence of the crystal, energy can be, that is your unique feeling. It could be a change in temperature or something different.

Tip: You can try to shake your hands vigorously before performing the above experiment, which may help you feel the subtle energy more easily


What can crystals heal?


Crystals are channels of energy that can concentrate, store, transmit, and transform energy to enhance healing and energy effects.

Accelerated natural program

Crystal healing is about change, including how to work with crystals to improve your physical and mental health, emotional state, and spiritual growth. The crystal does not do what you or your body cannot achieve, but it accelerates outcomes that would have occurred anyway. For example, carnelian  is very effective for the common cold, and its role is not to cure the cold, but to accelerate the onset of symptoms.The property of chalcedony is to make your cold symptoms worse in about 12 hours .Because your body is fighting off the virus like crazy, you'll feel much better after this time and won't be dragging your nose and cough around for the usual three weeks. Your body has the ability to fight off a cold on its own, and carnelian just speeds up the whole process.

Helps the aging body repair

Now, let's think about how the body recovers at different stages of life: when we are young, our bodies can shrug off diseases, but as we get older, fighting disease becomes a battle. Once in old age, diseases that can be easily shaken off in youth can turn into life threatening. The reason why we become more vulnerable with age in the face of disease is that the body can no longer repair itself fast enough, and crystals can help the body to increase the speed of self-repair.


Mental, emotional and spiritual development

As we accelerate the healing process, crystals can also accelerate mental health, emotional release, and spiritual development and awakening. All crystals can speed up your pace, especially those that will attract you , and the effect is doubled.

Just sitting quietly with a quartz crystal and focusing your mind on it for ten minutes will bring your mind back to the center and help you meditate. Crystals can help you open up new opportunities, and this is the beginning of wonderful changes in your life. Whether you are about to embark on a journey with crystal or are preparing to take the next step in your life journey, take the plunge and enjoy the transformative experience that crystal offers.

Benefits of crystals

Crystals can improve your state in all aspects, reducing or even eliminating the symptoms of disease (often chronic symptoms), as well as speeding up the rate of change in your life, and enabling you to implement lifestyle choices that promote health and recovery. In my experience, everyone who uses crystal will notice an improvement in their quality of life, and those who follow the full course of treatment can feel a significant difference at every stage. Sometimes it can be a very, very rapid change, almost instantly, but sometimes it can take weeks or months.

This real, close to life crystal healing effect can prove that it is really effective. One day, someone will develop a device that can measure the power of crystals or create tests that can prove the healing properties of crystals, but until then, crystals remain an amazing tool that can assist on all levels of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.