The meaning and benefits of kiwi jasper

What is kiwi jasper

Kiwi jasper, also known as sesame jasper, is a speckled stone that may be composed of a variety of minerals, such as albite, orthoclase, quartz, Muscovite, etc. It has a soft sea foam green, has a nourishing effect, it gives us peace of mind, relaxed feeling. Kiwi jasper is also said to be a protective stone. It can eliminate negative energy and protect us from electromagnetic radiation. It can also help you root and focus, which can be helpful for people who have trouble sleeping or concentrating.

Kiwi jade hardness

Kiwi jasper has a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7. This means that it is a fairly hard stone, although it can accept wear and tear to a greater extent, but in order to keep it safe, avoiding sharp objects is a better choice.

The use of kiwi jasper

Kiwi jasper is a vibrant and relaxed stone, through the coordination of the heart rhythm, adjust our mentality, mood, change our attitude to life, it can help people to overcome any obstacles that will be faced, increase people's courage and confidence, it is a magical stone, wearing it can help open your heart. In meditation, kiwifruit can purify the aura, help balance the Yin and Yang energy, bring a feeling of pure peace and love, placed under the pillow when sleeping, or next to the bed, can help people who have poor sleep to get a good night's sleep.

The benefits of kiwi jasper

  kiwi jasper helps us a lot in our daily life and plays an important role. Wearing kiwifruit jasper can disperse negative energy and prevent electromagnetic radiation. Help people down to earth and focus, in the face of difficulties, kiwi help us enhance courage, strength and confidence, let us give a lot of energy to help solve the problem, for women with menstrual pain and menopause symptoms, the use of kiwi can relieve menstrual pain and menopause irritability and physiological discomfort. It helps us balance the chakras so that the sleepers can sleep well.

How to meditate with kiwi Jasper

Meditation with kiwifruit jasper can purify the aura and balance the chakras, so if we meditate with kiwifruit, here are the ways I suggest:

 First, hold the stone in your hand and focus your attention on it.

 Then, imagine it to bring peace and harmony into your life.

 And finally, imagine it fills your heart with love and light.

 Please note that you will feel a difference.