The meaning and healing effect of sunstone

What is sunstone

Heliostone is a mineral that is orange, yellow or red feldspar with a translucent appearance It contains hematite and goethite and its appearance is shiny, the name comes from the fact that it usually has a metallic luster and can reflect light like the sun. Sunstone is said to be a lucky stone and is also believed to increase vitality and energy. It is often used in jewelry. The sunstone is also associated with the sun and is believed to be a stone of happiness and good luck. It is also thought to promote clear thinking and help reduce stress and anxiety. This crystal is said to have profound healing properties, helping to relieve stress, clear away negative thoughts, and provide deep emotional support, especially for issues related to self-worth, self-confidence, and optimism.

The healing power of sunstone


Sunstone has therapeutic properties that help relieve muscle pain and relieve arthritis.

It can also be valuable for patients with persistent breathing problems, abdominal strain, gastritis, or other digestive or metabolic problems. This intense sunny gem has been used since ancient times to help heal arthritis and joint discomfort or damage caused by spasms and colds. It is believed to support healthy digestion, aid in the absorption of nutrients and promote balance in the digestive system.


Sunstone injects energy into our lives and can act as an antidepressant, inspiring us to do what we love and live in the moment. Sunstone can help us shift our emotional patterns and is especially good for releasing the "victim mentality", instead showing us that we have the strength and ability to make positive changes in our lives.


The properties of sunstone are related to the radiation of the sun. The brilliant, pleasant life force of this crystal connects your mind, body and soul through its powerful frequency. When you're bored and depressed, harnessing the healing crystal qualities of Sunstone may help you ignite a fiery spirit, just like the heat of the sun.


How to use Sunstone

Wear a sunstone

Wearing this gemstone creates a tangible connection to your gemstone, whether it's a ring, pendant or brooch, which can increase your frequency and bring you closer to the heat of the sun so you can more easily integrate into your happiness, and when this happens, wearing a sunstone in your hand or holding it in your heart will encourage you to find more ways to appreciate life, no matter how small.

Sunstone at home and at work

If you feel that the dark areas of the room can blend in with this brilliant gem, it can provide excellent lighting. By placing a sunstone at the entrance, you can not only inject a more incredible sense of optimism into the room, but you can also help focus mental ability and understanding, which helps to think at work.


Every time you meditate with Sunstone, you will experience incredible concentration and strength. Sunstone will lead you down a path of new cosmic knowledge and insight. You will be able to escape the traps you fall into in life and seize the best opportunities the world has to offer.

How to clean sunstone?

Regardless of any type of crystal, it needs to be maintained, because all gemstones are related to energy, so your gemstone may absorb toxic emotions and pessimistic thoughts, so we need to maintain the brilliance of the gemstone beam by cleaning it to restore its beautiful luster. Then I will introduce how to clean, how to charge the sun stone.

You can clean the sunstone by soaking it under running water for a short period of time, which will wash away any negative build-up. You can also apply the gem with sweet grass, sage, or any other healing herb to clean the gem. You can also place sunstone next to other cleaning gems, such as selenite and clear quartz.

The sunstone can be charged by placing it in the sun. On a sunny day, letting it sit on the windowsill for a short time can bring it back to its bright fizz. We don't recommend leaving any crystal in direct sunlight for long periods of time, but sunstone will enjoy the warmth of a little light. On dark days, you can place it in the moonlight or bury it in the soil to combine the sunstone with the earth.