The meaning and therapeutic properties of blue apatite

What is Blue apatite

Blue apatite is a phosphate mineral that can appear smooth, rough, transparent, translucent, or opaque with a glassy sheen, and because apatite comes in so many colors, geologists say it can be mistaken for several other crystals, taking the word greystone from the Greek word meaning "deception" because it is often confused with other minerals. But blue apatite became a popular stone for its healing properties and metaphysical uses.

Depending on the variety, blue apatite may fluoresce and form geodes or clusters, which are gems of manifestation and higher powers.

It is well suited as a dream stone for creative problem solving and vertical vision, where multiple levels of consciousness can be seen operating in harmony.

Therapeutic properties of Blue apatite

Psychotherapeutic properties

Blue apatite is a happy stone, this stone will increase your spiritual harmony and stimulate your spiritual ability to promote generous love for people and the desire to serve others. It is the stone of joy, inspiration and expression, and gives us the strength and hope to pursue our dreams even when we are in trouble or blocked in our path. Blue apatite helps us remove darkness and gives light and hope.

It can enhance your meditation experience and help you communicate in all aspects. This stone can help you equate to a higher degree of spiritual direction that is difficult to achieve.

Apatite also purifies any impurities in the soul. This special property of apatite is indispensable for those who wish to take a step forward spiritually. Without a pure spirit and a clean conscience, it is difficult to enter the spiritual realm.

In addition, apatite can protect individuals from evil spirits that may attempt to cause harm or destruction.

Emotional therapeutic properties

Blue apatite is one of the most portable gems to encourage love of life, easy friendships, and outgoing behavior. A wonderful stone. Blue apatite gently teased us, let us enjoy life, do not have to be nervous about various things. If we feel tired, irritable or depressed, blue apatite can help us change the balance. Considered a relaxing gem, it is more connected to nature and more vibrant. People who own blue apatite are emotionally stable because its color is refreshing and relaxing. Blue Apatite encourages us to think outside the box, try new things, and be open to diversity and spontaneity. It invites us to be more adventurous in our relationships, both romantic and friendly.

Characteristics of psychotherapy

Blue apatite helps to escape the pain of the past and makes us optimistic about life. It stimulates creativity and intelligence and helps us discover and understand truth in all its forms. Blue apatite is a wonderful dream stone that promotes lucid dreaming and dream recall. Blue Apatite is particularly supportive of anyone involved in social work, charity work, or a lifetime of public service. Blue apatite instills hope for a better future and gives us a willingness to work hard and be part of the solution, rather than complaining about the problem. Blue apatite removes mental confusion and allows us to focus on what matters most. It encourages us to seek out people who are different from us - good people who can help us grow and make us more interesting.

Physiotherapy properties

Blue apatite is an excellent talisman associated with the skeletal system or cartilage. Apatite promotes bone growth and development. This stone enhances the ability of human bones to absorb calcium and other essential nutrients to enrich and strengthen their structure.

It encourages us to improve our posture and take good care of our joints. It's also an excellent talisman for people who work in front of a computer all day and need to remind our eyes to take a break from staring at a screen and get up and move around regularly.

The meaning of  Blue apatite

Apatite means deception. Its name derives from the Greek word "apatao". It all started when experts discovered that the chemical composition of apatite is basically similar to that of other gemstones. Don't twist it, though. Apatite itself is unique.

Blue apatite is a dual-purpose stone known for its use of individual power to achieve goals. It removes confusion, apathy and negativity. This healing gem can stimulate intelligence, expand our knowledge and gain an understanding of truth, gifts that can be used for personal growth or collective good.

The meaning of blue apatite is apparent, and it is sometimes called the stone of expression.

Blue apatite is traditionally used for concentration, manifestation, cleansing, calming, and protection, as it can open the top wheel, third eye, and laryngeal wheel. It removes confusion and negative self-talk and helps you reconcile with the past.

How to use Blue apatite

Blue apatite is a powerful stone that can have a profound effect on us. Therefore, people who use it for the first time should be cautious, and a wise first step is to put a blue apatite under their pillow at night, which can bring about vivid and even prophetic dreams.

In general, blue crystals are often connected to the throat wheel, and blue apatite is no exception. In addition to its association with the laryngeal ring, blue apatite is also associated with the third eye. Making it a wonderful stone to solve all problems related to the mind body. This includes our thoughts, inspiration, creativity and communication. Specifically for the throat wheel, blue apatite can be used in the following ways:

1. To meditate, place apatite at the base of the neck/throat - aim for the small recess between the collarbones, the superior sternal notch. This can be done while lying down.

2. Wear blue apatite stones on a necklace.

If your throat wheel is not your primary concern, there are many other ways to use blue apatite to enhance your connection to your true self and the spiritual world. If you want to unleash your creativity, this gem can also be used for the third eye chakra, which is located between your eyes. This particular chakra is associated with your creativity.

In life, you can put blue apatite in your living area, you can make its therapeutic effect play. Carrying blue apatite can help you feel supported and connected throughout the day.

Placing blue apatite near the third eye chakra can help focus healing properties on your spiritual strength and creativity.

How to care for your blue apatite

When you have blue apatite, you need to maintain it to ensure its energy and vibration.

The stone can be rinsed with mild, soapy water to provide adequate cleaning to protect the apatite. For this kind of stone, high cleanliness is undoubtedly a dangerous technology. Likewise, keep the stone away from acid, heat and complex handling. Keep an eye on your gemstone as heat may cause it to fade or discolor.

Avoid bruising or situations where the stone could be damaged by a violent impact, causing the stone to crack or break. Secure apatite jewelry in different cells of the jewelry drawer and cover with a soft cloth to prevent scratching. If you need to repair or refurbish the item, please inform the artisan that the stone is fragile and requires special handling and maintenance.


More crystal information

1. Where is blue apatite mined?

Blue apatite is found in Myanmar, Brazil, India and Kenya.

2. What does blue apatite work for?

Blue apatite reflects the qualities of Libra as it helps to regulate and balance the two parts of Libra that always seek equality.

Blue apatite helps heal the dual manifestations of Gemini's essence - balancing Gemini's energy, emotions, chakras, and male and female sides.

3. Is blue apatite a talisman?

Yes, blue apatite is a guiding buffer crystal. The Seeker contains crystal energy structures that combine the natural energy of crystal with the natural power of the human mind to find the way to new horizons and new abilities. They are hands, compasses, and compasses; New start crystal. These are the talismans of scientists, adventurers, hunters, wanderers and explorers. They are also the work of students and researchers.

4. How does blue apatite help the chakra?

Blue apatite is associated with the laryngeal ring, also known as the laryngeal ring. Of course, the throat wheel is associated with the color blue, mainly related to our ability to communicate. Using blue apatite unclogs the throat wheel, making it easier to communicate and express yourself in other ways. Symptoms of a blocked throat wheel include social anxiety and shyness, difficulty expressing yourself and insecurity - definitely something to avoid!