The meaning of Blue aventurine and its therapeutic properties

What is Blue aventurine?

As the name suggests, blue aventurineg microcrystalline quartz appears blue. Shades of blue vary, from light blue to dark blue. Blue aventurine stone is usually translucent to translucent, and its color comes from mineral inclusions such as silico-manganese ore or bluestone cotton fiber. These are what cause the blue hue, allowing light to pass through, but depending on the density and distribution of the inclusions, it may also have opaque areas, forming a unique and attractive appearance.

blue aventurine is a jewel symbolizing prosperity, abundance and opportunity. It attracts wealth, success, and favorable outcomes in all aspects of life, inclu

Therapeutic properties of aventurine

Emotional therapeutic properties

Blue aventurine stone can be used to help overcome selfishness, infantilism and passive-aggression. It opens us up to inner growth and spiritual work by clearing stagnant energy and is helpful for those who find themselves stuck in a state of immature development.

Blue aventurine stone helps calm and relax hot emotions, making people less exposed to outside influences and more able to control their inner peace. It provides better focus and the courage to look honestly at how one's thoughts and actions affect their current reality, and by taking responsibility for one's own life, can regain personal strength and bring one's own emotional healing and happiness.

Characteristics of psychotherapy

The blue aventurine stone gives us the confidence we need to cope with new situations,

Blue aventurine helps to unlock innate strengths and sensitivities that may be hampered by inner disharmony. By clearing the throat and the third eye chakra, it allows people to perceive the spiritual gifts they may be given and coordinate guidance from the higher realms. One may find an enhancement of the mind and intuitive abilities, whether for meditation, dreaming, or just keeping nearby, and the blue stone can provide the inner strength to explore these possibilities and provide the patience to complete it.

Physiotherapy properties

Blue aventurine stone is considered an excellent gem for healing and regulating the body's heart and circulatory system.

This crystal helps overcome insomnia, relieves migraines and headaches, and helps vision. It has cooling and antipyretic effect; It is thought to relieve allergies, colds, coughs and congestion

Blue stone helps balance hormones, especially in women, and supports healthy blood and blood oxygenation. It is believed to enhance the respiratory and circulatory systems of "blue babies"

The meaning of Blue aventurine

Blue aventurine stone is a very calming stone that can balance and heal your emotions.

It will help you communicate creatively and clearly, avoiding miscommunication and misunderstandings.

It will give you a greater sense of independence, and it is a stone that can strengthen your leadership qualities and help you act more decisively. It will give you greater intuition and enhanced perception.

The blueaventurine stone is unique in that it works closely with both the laryngeal chakra and the third eye chakra. This is not common in bluestones, so having the two work together can help the user's healing process.

The use of blue aventurine


It is best worn as jewelry in the form of a brooch, pendant, necklace or ring. When worn as jewelry, the blue aventurine stone is like a sad stone that can ease your fears and anxieties and make you look forward to new things.

Lay on one's body

You can also simply wear it in your pocket as a talisman, and when worn as jewelry, the blue aventurine stone is like a sad stone that can ease your fear and anxiety and make you look forward to new things,


When placed in a suitcase, it prevents luggage from being lost or mishandled, it will keep your travel planning going very smoothly, and it will protect you on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level, blue stone will encourage action and adventure, which makes it a great stone for travel.


You can use it as a meditation tool, or if you are a therapist, you can use it for crystal healing.

When used at home, blue aventurine brings a sense of calm and tranquility.

It will reduce your anger and help you connect with your higher self so that you gain the best insight.

How to maintain the Blue aventurine

As with any other crystal, its energy needs to be replenished to ensure its effectiveness, with regular maintenance, cleaning and charging to keep it in full working condition and provide you with the best healing results.

In order to maintain this, you need to clean and charge the blue aventurinestone at least once a month, the following maintenance recommendations:

1. Obtain or prepare a saline solution, then immerse the aventurine crystals in it for up to 24 hours.

2. Soak the stone under running water for one minute, then dry with a towel.

3. Pray for your blue aventurine stone and send the intention to purify and dash into the stone.

4. Bury your blue aventurine stone in your garden and leave it there for up to 48 hours.

5. On the night of the full moon, put the blue aventurine stone outside and retrieve it the next morning.

6. In case of heavy rain, please put the stone outside so that the water can run on it.

7. Burn any sacred herbs or incense on your blue aventurine stone and pass the intention of purification into the stone.


Blue aventurine constellation stone

The aventurine Stone is the zodiacal stone of those born in the sign of Virgo, that is, between August 23 and September 22. The constellation stone of the Blue aventurine Tomb is Virgo, which symbolizes wisdom. This is the only sign that women represent. People born under this sign are very reliable, have an excellent memory and are straightforward in their thinking. They have good manners and are very loyal once they find true love.

aventurine stone is also a traditional gem for Libra people born between September 23 and October 22. Libra is The only inanimate object - The Balance beam, or The Balance for short. This month day and night are equal in length, and the Earth and sun are in balance. Libras are strong-willed, artistic, sensitive and respectful. They understand others and build good relationships with others

More crystal information

1. Where does blue aventurine stone come from?

aventurine stone is mined in multiple locations, and blue Dongling stone usually comes from Brazil or India.

2. Can blue aventurine stone be put into the water?

Yes, blueaventurine stone is considered to be a waterproof crystal and will not dissolve on contact like some other blue gemstones do. It may seem inconceivable that these solid objects would be at risk of liquid contact, but crystals are tightly packed molecules, and not all crystals are durable enough to remain stable when wet.

3. Blue aventurine price

Since dark blue aventurine stone is less common than green Dongling stone, the cost of this crystal is slightly higher. Green aventurine stone is generally considered an affordable and easy to obtain gemstone, but blue aventurine stone can be a little harder to obtain.

4.. Blue aventurine stone and sodalite

There is often confusion between blue aventurine and sodalite because of the striking similarities between these gemstones. Both are dark blue tones, interspersed with white traces and clouded partitions.