The meaning of sodalite and its therapeutic properties

What is sodalite

Soalite is a network of silicate minerals, because of its high sodium content in the crystals and named it is a dark blue mineral, common in Brazil and Canada, its color can be from light blue, medium blue to dark blue, with white texture or spots, sometimes very deep blue, it is known as the blue "logic stone", because it can purify the mind and cause deep thinking. Stone is one of the best tools for ideal healing and spiritual growth. It can also enhance self-expression by soothing and calming your spirit, and enhance your intuition.

Therapeutic properties of sodalite

Emotional therapeutic properties

The deep blue and indigo colors of sodalite represent honesty, logic, respect and a balanced mind. It enables the wearer to fully express their emotions and express the truth. It's like a friend, comforting you whenever you need a compliment. It also encourages discipline and will in individual life.

Sodalite is known as the thinker's stone because of its deep association with great thinkers. A great friend to those who need emotional care, it brings emotional balance, calming panic attacks as well as rational thinking, objectivity, intuition, truth, and enhanced self-esteem, self-trust and self-acceptance.

Psychotherapeutic properties

Sodalite is ideal for helping astrologers, tarot card readers, numerologists, and other oracles. This is an effective guide to inner travel through meditation and dream work. It can provide access to the divine laws of the universe. ‍

Any negative fantasies will be removed from your mind. This can be a tool to help you meditate and speak the truth.

The calming and soothing properties of sodalite contribute to emotional healing. It helps relieve anxiety, stress and fear and promotes a sense of calm and emotional balance. Sodalite encourages self-acceptance, enhances self-esteem, and deepens understanding of yourself and others.

Physiotherapy properties

Sodalite can treat endocrine, sleep, motion sickness, liver and other problems. This stone has been treasured for generations for its healing powers, but not just emotionally, physically, but also because it affects your health as well.

The healing properties of sodalite can purify organs, making them more efficient and fully functional. It helps to boost your immune system and protect you from common diseases. If you experience constipation, this stone is a great companion for good digestion and lowering high blood pressure.

The meaning of sodalite

Sodalite is a fascinating stone with a variety of meanings and properties that promote the capacity for spiritual enlightenment, growth, discipline and motivation. Sodalis comes from the Latin Sodalis, meaning comrade. Its dazzling blue color beautifully reflects the sky and inspires higher energy thinking. In addition, the gentle vibration of sodalite can play a soothing role in stressful times or in people who are neurotic. Sodite is an excellent choice to help transform the idea of invasion into something positive and constructive.

How to use sodalite

Use at home

Using sodalite for home decoration will perfectly meet your needs. It will calm things around you and balance the energy to maintain a peaceful environment in your home. It is also a way to avoid arguments within the family and balance emotions for a better understanding.

Sodalite and feng shui can be more powerful because sodalite can absorb the energy in the northeast of the house and release wisdom, while sodalite can absorb the energy in the southwest direction to promote interpersonal relationships.

Use it at work

The benefits of sodalite in the workplace are perfect for those who want to avoid arguments and express the truth, especially if there is no effective communication within the workplace. Some frustration comes from work, where they don't understand how you feel and can't tell the truth about what's important in the office.

Place a sodalite dot on your desk to create a productive work environment. The soothing energy of crystals will balance your surroundings and create the right mindset to produce incredible results.


For sodalite meditation, you can wear it as an accessory near your throat or heart to correspond to its chakra. You can also use a palmetto stone or sodium cube statue at home and start meditating. It will inject energy into the whole area

Sodalite meditation can be used not only for personal benefit, but also for team work. It happens to be a tool for promoting/securing friendship, common goals, purposes and agreements. It will help to foster feelings within the group and repair broken relationships. If you feel that someone is being dishonest with you, you can express the truth by meditating with him/her using a sodalite.

Due to its ability to keep the mind clear and support the third eye chakra, sodalite is ideal for use in meditation practices. You can meditate as usual, with a sodalite in your hand or near the altar.

Wear it as jewelry.

Sodalite is a great gemstone to wear as jewelry, especially as a necklace or earring, and it is best worn as a necklace near the throat wheel if you want to speak more clearly and confidently. But if you want to be a better listener, she says, a sodalite earring would make more sense.

Keep some in your pocket or purse.

Of course, with your favorite crystal, you always have the option of taking a piece with you whenever you think you need it. If you feel yourself stumbling over words, or if you're having trouble getting up the courage or articulating something that needs to be said, you can hold it like a touchstone.

How to maintain sodalite

Sodalite is very fragile and softer than other gemstones, so it must be handled with care. It is recommended to separate gemstones from the harder stones in your collection. In addition, the reflective surface and stepped structure of the crystal are prone to accumulating dust, so it is best to cover up the gem when not in use. When dust accumulates, gently wipe or wipe with a vacuum brush to solve the problem. If desired, you can also soak sodalite in water, after cleaning, wrap it in a soft cloth, and store it with other gems, making sure not to come into contact with other crystals, especially unpolished crystals.


More crystal information

1. What chakra is associated with sodalite?

Sodalite is associated with the third eye chakra, which is associated with intuition, imagination, thinking, and wisdom.

2. Are crystals good for sleeping?

Yes, sodalite is a great crystal to sleep in because it is associated with intuition. It can bring intuitive messages to your dreams, so you can put a small object in your pillowcase or put it on your nightstand.

3. Where does sodalite come from?

Exploring its origins, sodalite is mainly produced in Brazil, Canada, and Namibia, but can also be sourced from other countries, including the United States, Russia, and India. This gemstone forms within igneous rocks and is usually associated with feldspar and other minerals. Each site gives sodite its unique energy characteristics, making it a gem of interest and sought-after by collectors and crystal lovers.

4. Color of sodalite

Its color can range from light blue, medium blue to dark blue, with white texture or spots, and sometimes very deep blue, it is known as the blue "logic stone"