The relevant meaning of green fluorite

What is green fluorite

Chlorfluorite is a mineral that contains calcium and fluorine, and is a stone prized by both geologists and metaphysical healers.

Green fluorite is unique in its fluorescence properties, when received ultraviolet light or other specific wavelengths of light, green fireflies will emit green fluorescence.

The color of green fluorite can vary from light green to dark green. It usually presents a transparent to translucent appearance and is able to display a unique fluorescent effect in sunlight or under specific lighting conditions.

Formation process

Fluorite comes from the remnants of volcanic magma. In the process of magma cooling, the gas aqueous solution separated by the magma contains many substances, mainly fluorine. In the process of solution rising along the cracks, the temperature and pressure decrease.

Region and source

Greenfluorite is widely distributed all over the world, especially in some mineral-rich areas. Among them, one of the famous production areas is Guizhou Province in China. The green fluorite deposit in Guizhou Province is rich in reserves and produces a large amount of high quality green fluorite, which supplies domestic and foreign markets. In addition, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Mexico and other countries also have the output of green fluorite.


Green fluorite is widely used in gemstone and ornament manufacturing. Its special fluorescent effect makes it a popular choice for designing jewelry. The jewelry made, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, can shine a beautiful green light in the dark, adding to the mysterious atmosphere.

In addition, green fluorite also plays an important role in the industrial field. It is an important calcium fluoride ore used to extract chemicals such as hydrogen fluoride and aluminum fluoride. In iron and steel smelting, aluminum production, glass manufacturing and ceramic industry, green fluorite plays a vital role.

Beauty legend

Green fluorite is not only loved for its beautiful appearance and magical fluorescence, it also has some interesting legends and stories.

In some cultures, greenfluorite is believed to calm the mind, relieve stress and bring good luck.

There is also a legend that green fluorite is the stone of the stars. A falling star fell to the earth and turned into green fluorite, so this ore has magical powers from the universe.

Whether it shines in the gem market or plays a quiet role in industry, greenfluorite is a fascinating ore. With its unique green fluorescence, it gives people unlimited reverie and beautiful fantasy

The efficacy of green fluorite

Balance and healing

Helps to balance physical and mental energy, enhance vitality and promote the body's natural healing ability, when we feel uncomfortable and out of balance in the body and life, green fluorite is recommended. Fluorite is a lovely talisman that can treat any problems related to teeth, nails and joints. Greenfluorite, in particular, is a good talisman for improving posture and movement, as well as for treating stomach cramps and intestinal problems.

Emotional stability

It has a calming and stress-relieving effect and can help people reduce negative emotions such as anxiety, fear or anger. All colors of fluorite can energize our mind and spirit, quickly transforming us into a positive state, able to concentrate properly.

Strengthen the mind

Green color light frequency brings the power of rebirth and growth, green fluorite can help personal inner growth, when the heart receives trauma, green fluorite can effectively clean up the negative energy in the heart, healing the injured mind. When the heart is wavering, or feel that the heart is not enough to move forward, green fluorite for our hearts to bring stable and tough strength, help us have more courage and strength in the heart.

Corresponding chakra

Heart chakra: The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest and is one of the energy centers of the body. It is related to...

Energy related to love, compassion, balance, harmony and self-acceptance.

The use of green fluorite can help balance and unlock the energy of the heart chakra. It is considered to be

To promote the flow of love and compassion and enhance relationships and self-acceptance Force.

Fluorite maintenance

Fluorite is loved by the public because of its rich color and crystal clear.

In terms of purification, fluorite is suitable for moonlight purification method, and fluorite can be placed in a place that can directly shine into the moonlight (such as: window, terrace) for one night; In addition, the hardness of fluorite is too low, so remember not to use a dry hard cloth to wipe hard, otherwise it is easy to wear.

Crystal after people wear, there may be dust, grease, sweat stains and so on dirt on the surface of the crystal, many times with water rinse, can not be thoroughly washed, there will be a little sticky feeling, or affect the light of the crystal, so that the crystal becomes dark dumb, at this time can be used "jade maintenance oil" wipe the crystal, it can dissolve the dirt on the surface of the crystal, restore the crystal should have the luster.