Tiger eye stone meaing and use

Tiger's eye stone, also known as "tiger's eye stone", is a gem with cat's eye effect, and the stone has a silk-like light pattern.

Tiger's eye stone is one of the varieties of quartz stone, is the national gem of South Africa, meaning to inspire self-confidence.

There are many varieties of tiger's eye stone, including yellow tiger's eye stone, red tiger's eye stone and blue tiger's eye stone. Among them, grayish blue and reddish-brown are relatively rare, and light brown is its main color, accompanied by silky light grain inside the stone.

Tiger's eye stone contains a wonderful meaning, it is often regarded as a peace symbol and wear, the wearer can imperceptibly improve their own concentration, in the career to usher in a more brilliant breakthrough.

- Efficacy:

1. Enhancing action can arouse confidence and courage, and can improve execution.

2. Enhance self-confidence and dare to accept difficulties and challenges, which helps to review the situation and make clear and decisive decisions.

3 For the afraid of the dark, timid people can strengthen the aura and courage.

4. Tiger's eye stone is also a symbol of wealth and helps to attract unexpected wealth


Corresponding chakras: Sun chakra, umbilical chakra

Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus