tiger eye stone meaning and effect

What is tiger's eye stone?

Tiger eye stone, is a kind of quartz, its heroic yellow, like the wisps of imitation silk light, showing the cat's eye effect, and the pupil of a mighty tiger has an incomparable resemblance, so it is elegantly called "tiger eye stone ".

The variety of tiger Qingshi is rich and diverse, there are yellow tiger eyes, red tiger eyes and blue tiger eyes, etc., among which, blue gray and reddish-brown blue tiger eyes and red tiger eyes are relatively rare, and yellow brown is its main color, accompanied by silk light pattern inside the gem.

Tiger's eye stone contains a wonderful meaning, in the cause and peace of love, it is often regarded as peace symbol and wear, the wearer in the work can fully feel the attention of the eye, imperceptitiously enhance their own focus on the cause to usher in a more brilliant breakthrough.


1. Tiger's Eye Stone can help people make breakthroughs in their careers, cultivate self-discipline, resolve stress, achieve goals, and live a happy life.

2. Tiger eye stone can enhance personal aura and courage, suitable for people who are afraid of the dark, timid or dare not walk at night, can enhance self-confidence, yellow tiger eye stone is more regarded as a symbol of wealth, helping to achieve wealth and prosperity.

3. Tiger's eye stone has the function of concentrating energy and cleaning up negative energy, while injecting vibration energy of peace and healing, reducing stress and tension, especially for people who lack confidence and self-esteem.

4. Tiger's eye stone helps to enhance self-confidence, enabling them to dare to face difficulties and challenges, re-examine the situation, and make clear and decisive judgments and actions

5. For people who often have many plans but are unable to put them into action, the tiger's eye stone can inspire confidence, determination and execution, prompting them to put them into practice

6. Tiger's eye stone helps to eliminate confusion, enhance sweating and concentration, and improve problem solving ability.


Healing properties of tiger's eye stone


Tiger's eye stone can strengthen the body's energy, improve work efficiency or movement ability, and protect the stability of the energy field.

Tiger's eye stone can make your mind clearer, more able to see the real facts, effectively improve decisiveness, so that you have unlimited power to guide career success. It is suitable for people who feel confused about their job or future.


Tiger eye stone can enhance willpower, strong perseverance, encounter setbacks do not retreat, courage, positive spirit, with tenacious vitality, tiger eye stone can effectively stimulate the subconscious creativity, often thinking about many plans, but never put into action, it is recommended to wear tiger eye stone accessories, will be able to stimulate confidence, courage and implementation ability

Tiger eye stone can be timid and dare not face the reality, it can enhance the vitality and vitality of the body, enhance self-confidence, dare to accept difficulties and challenges; For those who encounter difficulties and are difficult to stick to, it is helpful to re-examine the situation and make clear and decisive judgments and actions.


It has the function of re-purifying and adjusting the body discomfort after overeating; Can quickly improve cold symptoms and asthma and bronchitis; She can also use her own energy to strengthen joints and bones; Calms the metabolic nervous system.

How to care for tiger's eye stone

1. The easiest way is to leave it in the moonlight overnight or in the sun for a few hours

2. It can be buried in the ground for 24 hours.

3. Clean Tiger's eye stone regularly with mild soap and water to maintain shine and energy.

When do you choose to use tiger's eye stone

1. In a stressful situation at work or at home

2. When dealing with anxiety or fear

3. When you feel uninspired or unmotivated

4. When you need to boost your confidence or inner strength

5. During periods of physical exhaustion or low energy