Tiger eye stone meaning and use

What is tiger's eye stone

Tiger's eye stone, is a kind of quartz, its bold brown and yellow color, like the strands of imitation silk light, showing the cat's eye effect, and the pupil of the mighty tiger has an incomparable resemblance, so it is elegantly called "tiger's eye stone".

Tiger's eye is rich and diverse, there are yellow tiger eyes, red tiger eyes and blue tiger eyes, etc., among which, blue gray and reddish-brown blue tiger eyes and red tiger eyes are relatively rare, and yellow brown is its main color, accompanied by silky light pattern inside the gem


In addition to South Africa, the world's largest tiger's eye wood alexandrite mine is also produced in Brazil, Henan, China and other places

The price also depends on the color. The surface is flawless. The eyeliner is clear and located in the center

Legend of the tiger's eye stone

In Greek mythology, after the Trojan War, those Greek heroes who were spared on the battlefield and on the way home have returned to their hometown, but the king of Itaka Odysseus did not return, because the goddess of fate has arranged a strange situation for her. After the war, Odysseus drifts for ten years, because he blinds the eye of Cyclops, the god of the sea Poseidon, which is repeatedly blocked by Poseidon, all the way through all kinds of hardships and dangers

Fortunately, the goddess Athena gave him a bracelet made of tiger's eye stone, which saved him from danger. When people believed that Odysseus did not return for ten years and must have died, it was said that the powerful energy of the tiger's eye stone made Odysseus have inexhaustible strength and courage along the way, experienced countless difficulties and obstacles, and finally returned to his hometown and reunited with his wife.

Who the tiger's eye stone helps

1. People who are often in negative emotions

Tiger eye stone always makes people full of energy, for people who have been affected by negative emotions for a long time, you can try to wear tiger eye stone, tiger eye can balance this missing magnetic field. Its spirituality helps the wearer maintain a calm, clear state of mind. In addition, it can also help the wearer to explore and discover their own abilities instead of just denying themselves, and learn to work hard for it

2. Impatient people

No matter in life or work, there is no persistent mentality, and the tiger eye can help the wearer learn self-discipline, resolve the pressure in life and work as a goal, so that it is easier to achieve breakthrough success

3. People who lack confidence

Wearing tiger's eye stone for a long time can help us affirm our ability to have a confident attitude and drive away the feeling of fear, so as to better face work and life

How to clean Tiger's eye stone

One of the easiest ways to clean tiger's eye stone is to put it in water and let it sit. If you want to add a little soap, this can also help gently remove the negative buildup on the stone, leaving it clean and ready to work its magic again.

If you want a deeper level of cleansing, you can bury the stone in the earth overnight to allow it to take root in the soil and regain the power of nature, or put it in the moonlight to clean naturally and inject new energy.

How to choose tiger's eye stone

Step 1: Color

High-quality tiger's eye stone has a uniform and bright color, the background color is clear, and it will show a luster like silk, giving a clear and delicate visual effect. Top tiger eye stone should have a clear complete stripe, and located in the center of the gem, like the tiger's eyes, the eyeliner should be sharp and dazzling, and with the Angle change so that the light has a flowing effect.

Step 2: Texture

Since tiger's eye stone is a kind of wood alexandrite, inevitably, the naturally formed tiger's eye stone crystal will be more or less damaged or cracked. High-quality tiger's eye stone should be crystal pure, no impurities, no defects, smooth surface and show a silk luster.

3. Cut

The vast majority of tiger's eye stones are cut with a convex face to maximize the beauty of their color and texture. In the cutting and grinding process, fine polishing can not only reduce the original natural pit points on the surface of tiger's eye stone, but also enhance its luster.

Step 4: Size

The price of tiger's eye stone will also be affected by its size, in other conditions are equal, when the larger the size of the tiger's eye stone, the higher the value.