Twelve constellations and birthstones

You know what? Each constellation has a matching crystal, they can bring you a variety of benefits, here, I introduce you to the twelve constellations of the guardian crystal, let you find the one that belongs to you ~

January: Capricorn 12.22-1.19

The garnet family is a family of colorful gemstones that are legendary for lighting up the night sky. It is a symbol of chastity, love and loyalty.

February: Aquarius 1.20-2.18

Amethyst belongs to the crystal family, is honest, peaceful, amethyst is known as "love guardian stone", a symbol of good and loyal love is a memorial stone for the 17th anniversary of marriage.

March: Pisces 2.19-3.20

Aquamarine is the guardian of the seafarer, the crystal is clean, and the emerald belongs to the beryl family, Aquamarine represents calm, brave, happiness and longevity. Legend has it that aquamarine treasure is produced at the bottom of the sea, which is the essence of the sea water and is called "Fortune Stone", symbolizing "calm and brave", "happiness and longevity".

April: Aries 3.21-4.19

Formed deep in the Earth, diamond is a single crystal of carbon with a hardness of 10. Diamonds represent chastity, purity, rare production, a symbol of chastity and purity, or the 75th anniversary of the wedding stone.

May: Taurus 4.20-5.20

The king of green gems, emerald represents luck and happiness, one of the internationally recognized precious stones, unique green and unique quality deeply loved by the public, is a symbol of luck and happiness, is the 55th anniversary of the wedding stone.

June: Gemini 5.21-6.21

Pearls symbolize health, purity, wealth and happiness

Moonlight - The gift of the moon God to mankind, also known as the "stone of lovers" and Alexandrite.

July: Ruby 6.22-7.22

Ruby is the king of colored gems, of which "pigeon blood" is a rare color, ruby symbolizes passion, love, dignity, noble, rich warm is the 15th anniversary and 40th anniversary of the wedding stone.

August: Leo 7.23-8.22

Spinel has been mistaken for rubies for hundreds of years, peridot means a happy life for husband and wife, spinel and peridot represent happiness and harmony, is one of the oldest gemstones in nature, symbolizing peace, luck and other good intentions.

September: Sapphire 8.23-9.22

Sapphire symbolizes love, honesty and high esteem

The sapphire, cherished for thousands of years, is considered a symbol of royalty and romance, a symbol of loyalty and soul. Princess Diana's wedding ring stone is sapphire, sapphire family has a colorful color.

October: Libra 9.23-10.23

The color of tourmaline is very rich, Opal has a change color effect, tourmaline symbolizes joy, happiness, bright colors and rich, known as the charming gem, the composition of complex color changes, usually according to the color division color the more colorful the higher the value.

November: Scorpio 10.24-11.22

Topaz and topaz symbolize friendship, friendship, hope and happiness. Topaz presents a rainbow of colors, and Topaz is known for bringing wealth and warmth to the wearer.

December: Sagittarius 11.23-12.21

Turquoise, Tanzanite symbol of victory, good luck, success shape like pine ball near pine, green name, symbol of victory, good luck, success.