What are the crystals that help you sleep?

   Tense and rapid urban life, often bring a lot of negative effects, a sharp increase in life pressure, but not a good physical and mental rest, emotional fluctuations, excessive worry about anxiety, mental illness and physical disease, etc. These will cause insomnia symptoms, and for the treatment of insomnia symptoms of different people choose different ways, some people choose to take sleeping pills, Some people choose to increase the usual amount of exercise, and some people choose to wear crystals that help them sleep. For the first two methods will cause more or less harm to the body, although for insomnia has been alleviated to a certain extent, but for a long time the body will have adverse reactions. The health benefits of crystals have been known for thousands of years. Crystals have been underground for hundreds of millions of years, storing a lot of information. But there is no scientific way to export this information, and the human body is a complex electrical and chemical neural network that can receive and transmit information, and contact with the crystal can receive its information. So many people use crystals to boost their energy and improve health conditions such as insomnia.

Here are 10 of the most effective sleep aid crystals

1, Amethyst: can help sleep, and bring harmonious dreams, and stimulate a soothing mind.

2, tourmaline: helps to strengthen the physical and mental pressure resistance, to improve mental and emotional help.

3, smoky quartz: can make you more stable and practical, and can change the personality of frivolity, irritability, so that the aura precipitation, can improve the anxiety, relieve insomnia symptoms.

4, moon stone: with weight loss, sleep, beauty, attracting the opposite sex can change people's eating habits, to achieve weight loss effect, can help sleep, improve the skin, there are beauty effects.

5, red agate: can help reduce stress, and help promote the ability to experience self.

6, olivine: help to release anxiety, relieve insomnia symptoms, so that the spirit to rest.

7, Black rock: can produce a purifying effect, washing the mind, so that the soul can be restored to harmony.

8, clear quartz: Play soft, relaxing music before going to bed, combined with the use of white crystal, you can put the white crystal beside you or in your hand, focus on the music and the energy of the crystal, and try to meditate. This helps relieve stress, calms the mind, and sets the stage for a good night's sleep.

9. larimer: larimer can supplement the water element, which is very suitable for people who lack the water element in the astrodisk, and Aquamarine has the energy that can make people quiet and peaceful, which helps to help you relax and promote sleep at night.

10, prehnite: can relieve stress, help promote sleep